Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Free Plum Princess Embroidery Patterns

Ready to embellish your princess purse with some hand embroidery?
Never tried hand embroidery before? You should give it a try because it's so much fun! Seriously, I am addicted. Grab some embroidery floss, some embroidery needles, and an embroidery hoop from the craft store and you are ready to go. The blog Wild Olive has some really great tutorials on EMBROIDERY BASICS right here that I suggest you read over if you are new to embroidery. She's like the embroidery queen.

I wanted the crown on the front of my purse and so I traced my purse pattern onto my fabric. This was a thin broadcloth so I could see through the fabric when I laid the fabric on top of the embroidery pattern. I traced the design with a pencil. Then I stitched on top of my lines. (I probably should have used my disappearing ink pen but I couldn't find it and I wasn't feeling ambitious enough to tear apart my craft room to look for it).

Download the free embroidery pattern by clicking on the image above. If you haven't already, grab your plum princess purse and gloves pattern in my etsy pattern shop. Remember to use coupon code THANKSGIVING for half off this week!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Plum Princess Gloves Pattern

I've found it's hard to write one of those "I haven't blogged in forever, is anybody still reading?" type posts. Residency is hard... my 18 month old is crazy...yada yada. So I'm just going to skip it and jump into the fun stuff.

I have a new pattern!
The PDF pattern is available here in my pattern shop. (use coupon code THANKSGIVING for half off this week!)

The inspiration came from Christine. She loves to dress up. Seriously, she spends more time during the day in princess dress-ups than in her clothes. Last year for Christmas I got her a little purse and glove set from the store. I was so disappointed. First the quality. Ug. The price 10 bucks, I bet I could sew it for less than that. Then the gloves were a one-size-fits-all which just frustrated Christine because they were too large to play in. Then I thought, I bet I could make something way better. So I did!

The gloves are made from stretchy knit fabric (knit with at least 30% stretch) and use 1/4 to 1/2 yard of fabric (depending on size and length you are sewing). For the above purple gloves I used a purple crushed panne found next to the stretch velvet at Hancocks. It was on sale and I bought 1/4 yard for only $1.60 and it had enough to make two pairs of size small gloves. SWEET!
The PDF pattern is 25 pages long. It includes printable pattern pieces and photo tutorial instructions for play gloves and purse. The gloves come in four sizes x-small, small, medium, and large in short and long versions. The purse includes pattern pieces and instructions for one handle, two handles, and a color block option, plus bonus applique shapes to add to your purse. That's a lot of options! BUT WAIT! there's more! I also have a page of free embroidery patterns coming tomorrow!

I had a really great group on testers make sure the instructions made sense and that they fit well, and most importantly that their little princesses loved to wear them! They tested all sorts of fabrics, from t-shirts in the up-cycle bin to microfleece. Please note that the pattern went through several revisions and theses photos are showing gloves made at different draft stages. The final pattern has been improved for fit.

These will make really great Christmas gifts this year! Elsa purse and gloves set anyone? This week for Black Friday I am offering 50% off my pattern shop. Just use code THANKSGIVING at checkout. That makes the Plum Princess set only $3 woohoo!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

KCW: Day 6 part 2

I did not snap any pictures of Jacob wearing his new PJ's. So you'll have to be happy with some on-the-wall shots for now. Next week I'll share some more photos because I have a free pattern and tutorial for these!! I'll share more about the pattern then. For now let's talk about the bears.

To make the bear print, I used the free dingbat font Farm & Wild Animals (the bear is lowercase m) and laid it out in my silhouette software, and cut it out on freezer paper. Then all I had to do was iron the freezer paper on the pattern piece and paint the bears in. I used a fabric medium mixed with black acrylic paint. For the shirt I used another free dingbat font KG Arrows.

If you've been following me this week you know that the fabric for these was leftover from an XL t-shirt after I made these leggings. Awesome!

And that's it for KCW Summer 2014! I think I was successful. 4 complete outfits for Christine and one pair of pjs for Jacob. Hooray for KCW!

KCW Day 6: part one

Hmmmm I think this white background is starting to get a little repetitive... except I don't want to go outside for a photoshoot. It's over 100 degrees out there! What's a blogging girl to do?
Today's outfit is actually one of my favorites. I thought the Puppet Show outfit was going to be. But this is SO Christine. I know she is going to wear it all the time (come on, it's purple! her favorite!) This outfit is so lightweight, it's perfect for the hot summer especially as we are starting to enter the triple digits.
The tank top is the same self drafted one from day 4 sans peplum. I cut it from an old t-shirt of mine. It was in good condition, and it's a cute print right?  so I just chopped it up.
The sporty shorts are from the latest issue of Ottobre. For fabric I used some light weight knit from some leggings I made a year ago. The fabric originally came from Walmart I think (I won't be buying any more knits from Walmart). Instead of binding I used fold over elastic. Which was a good decision in my opinion.

Just a few more hours of KCW sewing. Except I haven't done any sewing yet today. Hmmm probably should get on that. And I need to wrestle Jacob down to get him to model his new jammies. I'll be back this evening with my final KCW photos.

KCW Day 5

Yesterday was Day 5, but the hubby was on-call last night, which meant he came home at 5:30, his pager went off 15 minutes later and he had to go back in to the hospital, came back 2 hours later, pager went off several times and he headed back to the hospital. Which means I took the kids the entire day without a single break :( I was exhausted after I got the kids in bed, so I watched Project Runway and then went straight to bed. So I'm posting yesterday's pictures and progress this morning.
 Today we have the Oliver + S Puppet Show Blouse and Shorts.
Let's start with the blouse. I already mentioned that I hated all the hand sewing involved. Next time I will just take the sewing machine to it and be done with it already. I will also lower the neck line a bit, it's very close fitting. Though, I don't know if there will be a next time. It's not an everyday play shirt for sure. We'll just have to see how often we have occasion to wear the shirt.
Now don't get me wrong, I think the shirt is adorable. I just don't know if all the finishing details are worth the amount of time spent sewing verses how often the shirt will be worn. You know what I mean?

But the shorts!!!! I love these shorts. I am going to make several more pairs of these.
 The fabric for both of these came from Hancock Fabrics. Christine helped pick them out.
If you were wondering about the princess crown and wild hair, Christine is getting a little tired of daily photo shoots. She wasn't too excited about letting me take pictures until I told her she could wear her princess crown and sing frozen songs to me while I took the photos. Then she was in a good mood.
"let it go, let it gooooOOOO"

There will be more posts coming today as I finish up my KCW list