Friday, April 18, 2014

My Grandfather

Did everyone see the post that my sweet husband wrote last week? He is so supportive of my blog and knows I have a goal of posting once a week. He knew I wasn't able to write something, so he wrote one for me. You see, my grandfather died last week. I didn't even know if I could manage to get to Utah for the funeral, (Jeff couldn't get time off from the hospital) but miraculously my Dad was able to fly out to Texas to help me pack up the kids and fly with us to Utah for the funeral.

My grandfather was an artist. He was a high school art teacher. He was a photographer. He threw pottery. He always encouraged me (and my siblings and cousins) to spend time developing our talents. He gave me art supplies like watercolor pencils and big fat gummy erasers and encouraged me to draw and paint. He valued artistry.

My grandfather influenced me greatly, and I hope to be the type of person he wanted me to be.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Born to Sew- Zuzzy's Husband Post

"Mommy can we play something?"
--Sure what would you like to play?

"Oh, I get to choose!.. I'll show you what I want to do."

"Let's Sew!"
--But Honey, you don't know how to sew. You're only 2.
"Oh please. I was born to sew! It is in my blood."

"You just take your fabric like this."

"And you just run it through the machine like this."

"See there is nothing to it!"

Since that day, Christine has improved her sewing abilities. She knows now, to lay the fabric out so you can measure it.
 Then you need to add some bling... blue buttons in this case.
 Then you measure out  how much fabric you'll need.

Zuzzy's Husband's advice: Chose your wives wisely, because they are whom your daughters will want to be. I hope my daughter becomes just like my wife.

Friday, April 4, 2014

I started an Etsy shop

Yep. I started an etsy shop.  Some of you who know me are probably not surprised. I have been talking about wanting to open a little shop for a few years. I think my original idea (maybe four or five years ago) was to sew pillows, then I tried to get my sister on board with me to make felt baby books. Now that I am finally doing it, it was easy to decide what to fill my shop with- kids clothing.
I named the shop Zuzzy Design and I sewed up a few things for Easter. I only have a few things in the shop right now. The lace leggings picture on the top have already sold. I just bought more stretch lace fabric so hopefully this weekend the shop won't be so empty... it all depends on how nap time goes.

I know that if you follow my blog you probably sew yourself and aren't interested in buying handmade clothing from Etsy. But I just wanted to share what sewing adventures I have been up to lately :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Princess and the Pea Embroidery

I realized as I was taking pictures of the pink diaper basket that I never have shared this embroidery project. I stitched it up three years ago for Christine's nursery. This princess and the pea embroidery is one of my favorites.
The pattern is from the Etsy shop Follow the White Bunny. It's a complicated embroidery pattern and took several hours, but so adorable! I love all the different mattresses. The princess and the pea was my favorite fairy tale when I was little. The idea of a mountain of mattresses and blankets to climb and jump on was my ideal fantasy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Dived Basket

I went to a baby shower this weekend. Actually, it was a diaper shower, but you know my feelings about gifting a plain boring box of diapers. I still gifted diapers, but put the diapers in a basket. Yep  ANOTHER dived basket, but this time in a girly color scheme.
My friend's baby nursery decorating theme is based on these art prints she got from Etsy, so I wanted the basket to fit in with her nursery. I went with a bubble gum pink Pearl Bracelet, yellow gingham, and plain white.
The shower was a diaper shower, so I filled the basket with diapers and a pack of wipes, and a few washcloths. You can always use more washcloths right?
I bought a 10 pack of white washcloths from Walmart for super cheap (though next time I think I will try Ross so I can get some higher quality washcloths, these things are a little threadbare). Then I went through my fabric scrap box and picked a few prints that went with the nursery colors (great way to use fabric scraps!) then I pieced the squares together in a long row, folded the edges under 1/4th inch and sewed the rectangle onto the washcloth. Took me 10 minutes :)
 Ahhhh love these little bits of Heather Ross strawberries!

So I actually have no idea if the mom liked it or not. We didn't open presents at the shower! What?! I know it was a diaper shower and half the guests brought just an unwrapped box of diapers, but there were several others like me who did more than diapers. I love the part where the presents are opened and you get to Oooh and Ahhhh over all the baby things and you can see the mom's face when she opens your gift. Is that weird of me?