Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Circle Skirt Remix

This tiered pink ombre skirt is my second Project Run and Play sew-along piece. The remix challenges are my favorite.
For this challenge we were given Dana's circle skirt to make in our own way. I sketched out a lot of designs but ended up choosing a simple skirt because I was really busy at the time. I made this skirt up in a just a few hours, including embroidering the t-shirt. After the last stitch was made, I immediately went to the park with my daughter to take some pictures and then uploaded the photos to the flickr group. That is why, if you look closely, the skirt isn't hemmed! I did hem the skirt afterwords though, no worries!
I made the skirt before I started zuzzy so I do not have any photos of how I made this, but here are a few tips:
I purchased the pink broadcloth from Hobby Lobby. Broadcloth is a lightweight, densely-woven cotton.
I designed the the skirt to be 6.5" in length with a 17.5" waist
The light pink was a 6" radius circle (3" waist radius plus 3" thick band)
The medium pink was a 8" radius circle
The dark pink was a 10" radius circle
I wanted each strip to be 2 inches longer than the one before it.
I added 1/2" to each strip for seam allowances, and I added an extra 1/2" to the top band to allow for seam allowance to the elastic.
I would strongly recommend using a rolled hem foot to hem the skirt layers if you have one. I did a 1/4" turn over and it was a beast to do that top layer. I made a baby circle skirt after this one and used the rolled hem foot and it was way easier and looked much better. I would also recommend hemming the layers BEFORE attaching it to the elastic.
To finish the skirt, I first sewed the three layers together using a zig zag stitch (if I had a serger, I would have serged them all together). Then I sewed them to the elastic. Sewing them together before stitching them to the elastic made it much easier so I didn't have to worry about the layers slipping and sliding.
I purchased the white t-shirt on clearance at Target (for 50 cents!). It was just laying around waiting to be embellished. I used this cute mermaid from Aimee Ray's book "Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection"
Ever since I saw the mermaid Allison made here I knew I wanted to stitch it up. I finally had a chance!
(Little Lovelies is a great place to learn how to embroider and to see cute stitching projects. She put these cute pieces in her bathroom!)

I can't wait for Project Run and Play to return next fall. But their summer skirting the issue should be really fun.

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