Friday, May 25, 2012

Pencil Skirt for Skirt Week

I have wanted a yellow pencil skirt since last fall, and now I finally have one! I just needed a little encouragement from Crafterhours. Crafterhours is hosting a blogging event called "Skirt Week." It's all about encouraging sewers to make skirts! There will be tutorials, voting, and prizes. My simple pencil skirt isn't going to be winning any awards, but I thought it would be fun to sew along. (After all, I did start this blog so I could better participate in fun blogging events like this!)

I have tried buying commercial patterns for pencil skirts, but I am pretty much shaped like a boy so commercial patterns never fit me right. So I finally drafted a pattern to fit my body shape.
 I made it out of linen, and let me tell you linen gets wrinkled very easily. You are probably thinking "Does this woman own an iron????" I wore the skirt on Sunday and then hung it up in my closet. Then on Thursday my husband was came home early (before the sun went down) so we ran outside to grab some pictures (Crafterhours has a rule for skirts submitted that the picture must be taken of you wearing the skirt!) and I didn't notice how wrinkly the skirt was until after I uploaded the pictures at 9 pm that night. Shoot! I plan to get my husband to take some more photos so I can submit a non-wrinkly skirt photo. But for the meantime this will do.

For those who want a new pencil skirt too, I will be sharing a tutorial, broken into segments.

You will need:
  • fabric: I used 1 yard of mustard yellow linen I purchased at JoAnns (when it was 50% off!)
  • fusible interfacing: 1/4 yard should be enough, but go ahead and buy 1 yard to stick in your stash :) I use pelon fusible interfacing sold from the bolt.
  • zipper: I used a 7" zipper, pick one that matches the color of your fabric
  • sewing notions: matching thread, fabric scissors, seam ripper, tailor's chalk or fabric disappearing ink pen

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