Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pencil Skirt Part Five: Sewing the Skirt Together

This is the fifth and final post of my "How to Make a Pencil Skirt" series. For earlier segments see

Place your back piece and set it on top of your front piece (right sides facing). Sew both sides together using 1/2 inch seam allowance.
Use your pinking shears to keep your seam from fraying or use a serger to finish your seams (be soooo careful to only cut the seam and not the skirt!) Iron open you seams to be nice and flat.

Now to sew the facing to the top of the skirt. Line up your facing starting at the seams (right sides together). Match them up and pin.

 Continue pinning the facing along the entire skirt. There should be some hang over on both sides of the zipper. Sew together (1/2" from the top)

Cut the excess fabric with pinking shears (being careful not to cut too close and cut the thread!) Then top stitch the seam folded toward the facing. This will make your facing lay nice and flat without seeing any seams from the front of the skirt.

Fold the facing edges under. Hand stitch down.

Hem the bottom of the skirt by folding under 1/2 inch twice and hand stitch (or machine stitch if you wish).

Do you see the stitching line on the bottom of the hem? I recently learned a great tip from Colette. They said instead of using a seam gauge to measure your hem, simply use your sewing machine to sew a basting line at the distance you want for the hem using the guide lines on your sewing machine to do the measuring. Then fold along the basting line, stitch, press, and remove the basting. This is so easy and precise!

Congratulations! Your skirt is finished!!!

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  1. Dear Zuzzy, I am so glad to find your tutorial on sewing the pencil skirt! I am using a pattern from "Burda" magazin to sew mine and I have a problem with a facing which is exactly the same as in your skirt. I mean, I have cut out the proper pattern and still when trying to fit the facing (just as you did), matching right sides with the skirt bodice they do not fit at all: the facing is much to short and I had to do with it what I am doing when sewing in a sleeve (as a result it's very stretched and creased). Do you think I am doing something wrong? I so much would like to make this skirt nicely. I would appreciate any help if possible. P.S. The skirt has the lining.