Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pin Cushion

Recently I was at a friends house helping her with a sewing project and I learned she didn't have seam ripper. Her birthday was just a few days away, so I picked one up at Hobby Lobby. But one little seam ripper on its own seemed to be a pathetic present. What else could I give her to go along with a seam ripper?

I have loved these pretty pincushion jars ever since I first saw them. Then they started popping up all over the blogosphere and my need to make one increased. Finally I had an excuse to make one!
I had a lot of fun perusing the notions wall picking out some "necessary" sewing supplies to fill the jar.
I made a cute matchbook needle case to hold some sewing needles.
Then I added some pins on top (in a heart shape, I couldn't help myself)
And Voila! cute, birthday present for a sweet friend.

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