Friday, June 15, 2012

Framing mat from a cereal box

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was on bed rest for two and a half months. To keep me sane during the time, I cross-stitched a little birth record. There is something very satisfying about stitching rows and rows of little x's. After I finished it, I didn't know what to do with it. I thought it would be nice to have it framed, but I knew that custom framing can cost $50-$100 for a piece like this. So I set it aside and forgot about it. It lay hidden away for a long time (as you can tell by my daughter's birth date) and I finally pulled it out a week ago with a vision for its future. First I found an old picture frame stashed in my closet and painted it cream with acrylic paint. But I needed a mat, and I needed it to be cute. I think it is really hard to keep cross stitch looking modern, and I think adding great fabric is the key. Here is a tutorial for how I made my fabric covered mat for my cross-stitched birth record using a piece of scrap fabric and a cereal box.

a cereal box
scrap fabric
glue (I used regular white elmer's glue)
an exacto knife
cutting mat

 (don't forget the glue and fabric, they didn't make the photograph)

1. Pull the cereal box apart and lay it flat.
2. Using an exacto knife cut the cereal box into the size you want your mat to be. Use a ruler to keep everything straight.
3. Cut your fabric a little larger than the size of the cardboard
4. Cut out the inside, leaving a boarder of at least 1/2 inch of fabric. Now glue fabric to the cardboard using a light amount of glue (I put on a few drops of glue and smeared the glue with my finger. Just enough to keep the fabric from slipping for the next steps)

5. Cut a diagonal slit on each corner- slicing from corner of fabric to corner of cardboard
6. Fold each side up and glue down
7. Glue and fold the outside edges down. 
8. Let glue dry, and it's ready to set in your picture frame!

Finally it is finished! I love how it turned out. I think it looks great in my daughter's room.

The Crafted Sparrow

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