Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chevron Baby Quilt: Week Three

I am glad that I decided to post weekly updates on my quilt progress, because if I wasn't I probably would not have done any work on it this week. I have been working on several projects this week. First, I drafted a pattern for a pair of shorts for Shorts on the Line. The tutorial and pattern will be coming next week. Second, I have been working on putting together a little sewing service activity for the ladies at church that I was asked to head up. I'll be posting about that next week too. 

Between those, I didn't spend much time on my quilt. But I knew I had to write about something come Saturday, so I pulled out my 4 inch strips and sat down to the sewing machine. Afterwards, I was so much happier. Sewing gives me a thrill.
I sewed all the pink, grey, and blue strips to a white strip each.

Then I cut my double strips into 7 1/2 inch blocks

And now I have a pretty pile of blocks!

I am dying to lay out all my blocks and line them up into rows. Then I will stand back and get a glimpse of what the finished quilt is going to look like. I wonder if it is going to look like what I have pictured in my head? I'm nervous too for this part. Sometimes (ok a lot of times) things don't come together as awesome as they are in my head.  Still, my favorite part of a sewing project is when the sheets of fabric magically become something else.

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