Sunday, July 29, 2012

Chevron Quilt Update: Week Five

Up until now I have been writing to no one, it's been strangely comforting. I am a little nervous writing today's posts. This last week I finally shared my blog with all my friends and family. My husband encouraged me to tell everyone. Actually he told me if my shorts were featured on Shorts on the Line, then I HAD to go public with my blog (he is very supportive of my little hobby).  So far I have only had traffic from linky parties and random google searches for things like "a little accident"), and of course my sisters. Now, all of a sudden I have readers. Very few, but still.

This week was really exciting with Shorts on the Line. I would check my google reader every morning, first thing, to see who was featured. I was crazy excited that both my box pleat shorts and peplum shorts were featured. Then, Jessica from Me Sew Crazy suggested I add my tutorial to Sew Set (an awesome database of sewing patterns and tutorials) so I uploaded my box pleat shorts tutorial, and today they are on the front page! One of the top patterns!  I would say Shorts on the Line was a great little "coming out" party for Zuzzy. I am grateful for the ladies that put it together at Imagine Gnats, Designs by Sessa, and Small + Friendly, and for everyone who left a sweet supportive comment over here on Zuzzy.
For my new readers, every Saturday I write about my progress on making a toddler-sized chevron quilt. (Except today is Sunday oops! I was visiting my in-laws yesterday and watched the Olympics instead of posting). With writing my shorts tutorials this week I didn't work on my quilt at all during the week. So Saturday morning, knowing I had to make a little progress to write about, I laid out all my squares again and sewed them ALL into rows.
I would have kept going and sewn the rows together, but I decided that I wanted the quilt to be longer. So I am going to cut two strips from this mushroom print in gray. (I didn't do any math on the quilt before buying my fabric-- shame on me--- and so I had a LOT of leftover fabric. Was this "problem" of too much fabric caused by my subconscious trying to hoard as much fabric as possible? probably.)
 Next week I hope to have a finished quilt top!

Stay tuned this week for a little tutorial on the simplest ever pin cushion and a wrap-up on my favorites from Shorts on the Line.

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