Friday, July 27, 2012

Peplum Shorts Tutorial

Yay! Small and Friendly featured my Peplum shorts on her top ten for Shorts on the Line! 

I did not originally plan to share a tutorial for these shorts. But I had such a positive response, I thought maybe someone else might like to make a pair? To make a tutorial, I had to sew up a second pair of shorts so I could take photos of the steps. This time I decided to try two different fabrics. I used On Point Minty and Straws in Minty from the Simpatico fabric line by Cloud 9. 

(Confession: I bought the On Point Minty fabric to recover my ironing board, so Christine will be matching my ironing board when we wears these. Is that weird?)

To make these shorts you will need:
1/2 yard fabric for a 12-18 months size
1" wide elastic
Pattern for 12-18 month size can be downloaded HERE

CUT FABRIC: You will cut 4 short pieces (2 for the front and 2 for the back) 2 waistband pieces, and one circle. To cut the peplum piece you will need to fold your fabric in fourths. (Like Dana does HERE in her circle skirt). 
 STEP ONE: Place two short pieces right sides together and sew along the curve. Repeat with remaining two short pieces. One will be your front. the other will be your back.
 STEP TWO: Place the front and back right sides together and sew the sides and the legs.
STEP THREE: Place the waistband pieces right sides together, and sew along the edges.
STEP FOUR: Turn your waistband right side out (print on the outside, seams on the inside) and fold it in half lengthwise so the raw edges are together. 

 STEP FIVE: Make your "sandwich" by laying your shorts, peplum, and waistband together and line up all the raw edges. Sew around, leaving a 2" gap for inserting your elastic.
After you have sewn your sandwich, it will look like this.

 STEP SIX: insert your elastic through the hole you left. Sew the elastic together.
 Sew the hole closed. Then zig zag along the edges to reinforce the seam. (or use your serger if you have one)

STEP SEVEN: Finish the edge of the peplum. I used my rolled hem foot. But you could also turn the edge over by 1/4 inch.

STEP EIGHT: Hem the shorts. Simply, fold over 1/4" then another 1/4" (so the raw edges are enclosed) then sew along the folded edge.
 ...and you're done! So easy right?


  1. Thank you so muc for the tutorial! Now I just need a little gal to sew for...

  2. I just found your blog and I love it. Thanks Heaps.

  3. Your shorts are so cute and "prissy" for little toddler them

  4. hermoso y con patrón y todo espectacular

  5. I'm excited to try these! However, I'm not familiar with that fabric line. Is it just cotton?

  6. I'm excited to try these! However, I'm not familiar with that fabric line. Is it just cotton?