Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ironing Board Cover

....and I'm back! Okay, I flew back to Texas last week, but I just put away the suitcases into the closet yesterday. Why does it take me so long to unpack??

I actually made this beauty the week before I left, but I was too busy packing to get the photos up.
When I made my very first tutorial on how to make a pencil skirt, I shot of photo of my ironing board to show the "iron the facing" step. I did not realize until then that my ironing board cover was DISGUSTING. How could I have a pretty blog if my photos are of nasty ironing boards? I needed a new cover fast!
I used this ironing board cover tutorial to help me out. I was able to sew it up really quick, and it looks great! Now, I love pulling out my ironing board! Seriously, I could stare at this pretty fabric all day.

You may recognize the fabric from my Peplum Shorts tutorial! haha


  1. Very pretty! I have been meaning to sew a new cover for my ironing board for ages.

  2. You should see the tragic state of my ironing borad cover! Thank you so much for the tutorial! It's next on my making list. And after this... The chevron quilt :)

    Sophie xo