Monday, January 7, 2013

Where did Zuzzy go?

Four months ago I disappeared off the face of the planet, I'm sure that it seemed that I gave up on the blogging thing. However, that is not the case. I am pregnant!  I get horribly nauseated for the first half of my pregnancies. I refuse to call it morning sickness, because it lasts All. Day. Long. Not only does it never disappear throughout the day, but it is also completely debilitating.

I will say this round of pregnancy was better than my first, because I knew what to expect. I knew this time that I would feel terrible, and I knew that I would continue vomiting well into my second trimester. It makes a big difference to have low expectations.

I really appreciate bloggers like Ashley from Little Miss Momma who also have miserable pregnancies that write about how hard it can be to be pregnant. I find it isolating to only hear stories from moms who looooove being pregnant. So for any of you out there who share the misery, know that there are women out there who understand! Sometimes it's feels much better just to know it's not just you.

As I began to pick up the pieces of my life I left behind last September, I sorted through my pile of fabric I purchased for my project run and play outfits. Unfortunately, I was only able to sew along with one and a half challenges before I became too sick to sew. I think I will share my design drawings this upcoming week. Just for fun.

I am looking forward to following Project Run and Play season six (starts today!) This week's challenge is to remix The Cottage Home's "Party Dress" A part of me wants to jump into the fun and start sewing like a mad women to participate, but the logical side of my brain is winning. I am still putting away our Christmas decorations, and I have started a massive reorganization project that will keep me busy all January. Maybe I will share some of my organization projects here on Zuzzy. You can check out my organization pins here.

Lastly, I am pregnant with a little boy so I am scouring the internet for boy ideas. I have no idea how to sew for boys so I am excited for a challenge. Hopefully I will learn a few things and can share them here on Zuzzy too.

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  1. Bow ties, suspenders, vests! I'm still getting my life back together after having our bub, but that's what I plan :)