Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby boy pants: It's all about the details

Yesterday I said the two things to keep in mind when sewing for boys are fabric and details. So let me tell you a little about those two in this project.

These are little newborn-sized pants made from Rae's free Basic Newborn Pants Pattern (it's a great pattern with really clear instructions, and best of all they sew up REALLY fast!)

For the black and white checked pants fabric I used a wool blend (50% wool, 50% polyester) from fabric.com that was on clearance for $4 a yard- I ordered half a yard. The half yard was enough to make this pair of newborn sized pants and another pair in size 6 months (more details on those pants coming later). Add another 20 cents for the elastic and the pants cost $1.20 in materials. nice!

The fabric for the brown corduroy pants was re-purposed from a pair of my own pants. They were my "fat pants" that I stored with my maternity clothes that I wore in my pre-maternity pants stage and post-baby stage. When I pulled out my maternity clothes this round of pregancy and tried on these pants I felt funny in them because they were a wide legged-pant and I wear mostly skinny jeans. I knew I wouldn't wear them. So into the re-purposing pile they went. I love corduroy for boys pants because it can go casual or dressy. 

Now the truth is, I sewed up the pants all plain and boring, and I was disappointed.  They needed something more. Then I was looking at a pair of pants I had recently bought from target, and I noticed that those pockets were NOT pockets, they were JUST STITCHING. brilliant!
Lesson learned: to make my pants really cute (boy cute) I needed little details like:

As you can see, I added some real pockets onto the corduroy pants, and I love them! I used the pocket shape from Running With Scissor's free pants pattern. (I could have just drawn out a simple pocket shape, but I already had the pattern printed and cut out so why not save time and use what I already had?) Her pants are size 18 month, so you can make the pocket smaller if you want, but I thought it worked great for these newborn pants without any alterations.
Now I have two pairs of adorable baby pants ready to wear to a trip to the park or to church paired with a Bow-tie onesie!

I am sharing this with the Celebrate the Boy Flickr Group check it out for more amazing boy projects.