Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baby Gift: Diaper Strap and Crochet Baby Hats

Whenever I am invited to a baby shower I like to give handmade gifts. This diaper strap is one of my go-to gifts. This project uses hardly any fabric, can be sewn in just a few minutes, and is incredibly useful (well, I think it's useful).
Whenever I gift it, I am sure to strap it to a pack of travel wipes and a few diapers so the mom can see how it is supposed to be used. The brilliant design is by Calico, and her tutorial is available on her blog here
This gift was for a set a twin girls so I crocheted these two little hats. I am in love with this pattern. This is the  "Soild Shells Earflap Hat" by Posh Patterns. The pattern is one of my favorites and I crocheted myself a pink one when I found out I was pregnant. I was soooo sure I was going to have another girl. I will just have to gift it to someone else.
I added the hats and diaper strap all on top of a big box of Diapers and wrapped it all up. I gave diapers because this was a diaper shower (the mom already has two girls so she has plenty of clothes and things) but I couldn't just give diapers and wipes! so boring. I was very happy when the mom delightedly said at the shower "I didn't realize I was going to get fun stuff too!" (I wasn't the only person who disregarded the 'only diapers' rule). Lesson learned: when going to a diaper shower always throw in a fun gift too!


  1. Aww love those hats! Congrats to your friend having twins! I have id twin boys, it's not as hard as I thought it would be but still a challenge. A diaper party sounds wonderful! I had a monetary gift party to help us with costs of weekly travel back and forth to hospital (3hours away) and our accommodation while the boys were in special care. I'm sure your friend will love using those gifts! :)

  2. wow all hats is so nice ! thanks for sharing.

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