Monday, February 25, 2013

Celebrate the Boy 2013

When I found out I was having a boy I was shocked because I was sure I was having a girl. When I went home and started processing the idea of having a boy, I realized I wasn't going to get to do the crafting I had already started planning! I was planning a big online order of fold over elastic and stretch lace to make hair bows galore. Then I was going to make some ruffle diaper covers, and about a million other frilly, ruffly, flowered-covered things. Girl sewing is so much fun, and I already know girl sewing- actually, it's the only sewing I know. 

The time has come to learn boy sewing. I started by creating a boy sewing pinterest board then I went over to Dana and Rae's Celebrate the Boy archives. Seriously, it's amazing! and full of inspiration, ideas, and tutorials. So when I heard that Dana and Rae were celebrating the boy for the next two weeks, I thought what better time to debut myself as a boy sewist?

In the next two weeks I am going to celebrate the BOY with Dana and Rae (and the rest of blog land), sharing all my boy projects I am sewing up for my new arrival.

I'm definitely a big-time beginner boy sewist, but so far I have learned a couple key things to keep in mind when sewing for boys.

First: it's all about the fabric
Second: details, details, details

I hope to explore those two keys during my upcoming posts.

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