Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fabric for Boys

On Monday I said one of the keys I try to keep in mind for boy sewing is choosing the right fabric.
Where do you shop for fabric?
I don't have too many local fabric store options. I like to shop for fabric at JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby. They don't offer much in selection, but I can SEE and TOUCH the fabric before I buy it. Plus they always have sales and 40% off coupons. The designer prints I usually buy online from,, and etsy. Often times has  promo codes to get an extra 20% off and free shipping for purchases over $35.  The downside is you can't tell exactly what color the fabric is until it arrives on your doorstep, and if you are buying something you aren't familiar with like "onion skin knit" you could be sadly disappointed to learn that onion skin knit is thin, has a rough texture, and VERY sheer.
photo from hawthorne threads
How do I find the good stuff?
I enjoy following the fabric trends by subscribing to hawthorne threads' newsletter (I'm sure other fabric shops do the same thing). They send me an email every week featuring new fabric lines that are out (to convince you to buy them of course- I'm sure my hubby wishes I didn't subscribe to fabric advertisements).  I also like to do a general search- using terms for pattern styles such as "herringbone" "stripes" "chevron" "hexagon" "faux bois""geo" or animals like "owl" "fox" "woodland" "giraffe" etc.
photo from hawthorne threads
Types of Fabric?
You can use more than just quilter's 100% cotton. For boy projects you can try other fabrics like corduroy, wool and wool blends, flannel, fleece, suiting, and linen. These have great texture that can add that "cuteness factor" to an outfit. In my opinion texture is to boys' clothing, as ruffles is to girls' clothing.

I am not the first person to talk about boy fabrics, read more about choosing boy fabrics from Dana, Rae, and Kate

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