Monday, March 4, 2013

Boy Details: A Round-Up of Sewing Techniques

As I have been scanning through the Celebrate the Boy Flickr Group, a few pieces have really stood out to me. Since I am trying to learn how to sew for boys, I have tried learn from them by examining each one to see what details did they use that made their piece so special? Here are three of my favorites:

I have never done reverse applique before, sewn a cargo pants style pocket, nor have I ever sewn knee patches. I am going to add all three of these techniques to my learn how to do list. Luckily, the blogging world is so great, and there are tons of people out there willing to share their sewing knowledge with the rest of us.

Want to add to your sewing knowledge? Here is a round-up of 10 tutorials that teach great details to add to  boy sewing projects. 
Welt Pockets Tutorial by Poppy Kettle

Making and Using Piping by Make It and Love It
Button Hole Tutorial by Purlbee
Using a double needle by Make It and Love It
Stamping your Own Pattern by No Big Dill
The Basic Snap by No Big Dill
Embroidery Basics by Wild Olive
Henley T-Shirt Placket by Melly Sews


  1. Fabulous! That's a really handy guide.

  2. This is a great list! I've used almost all of these :)