Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shorts for Baby Boy: free pattern

While preparing for my little one's arrival, I wrote out a small list of basic wardrobe pieces I needed. One thing on that list was a few shorts in size 3 months for him to wear this summer. Something comfy that can be thrown over a onesie for when we go out to the grocery store (at home, he might be hanging out in a diaper all summer long!)  At the time, Project Run and Play had just done the Men's Dress Shirt Challenge and I was in love with the shirts dress the Brown Abode uploaded to the flickr group (she used the Shirt Dress tutorial from Made). Luckily, my hubby was cleaning out his closet and getting rid of some button-up shirts and I picked out this yellow and blue plaid one from his donate pile to use to make a shirt dress. Fast forward to this week and I decided now was the time! So I cut up my husband's shirt to make the dress and I had a lot of fabric leftover... just enough for a pair of baby shorts! Perfect!
I tried to find a free pattern I could just print out and couldn't find any ones for babies (while searching though I stumbled upon Max California's master list of free shorts and pants tutorials- holy amazing round-up!)  So I decided to just make my own pattern. I used the rub-off method (that I learned from the book Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit: Using the Rub-off Technique) to copy a pair of 3 months sized shorts I already had.
10 minutes later, I had a pair of shorts! Sweet! My daughter is so excited that she is going to match her little brother.
Want to make your own? Here's the pattern for size 3 months baby shorts! be sure to download both the front and the back.
Front Pattern
Back Pattern

There are a lot of tutorials out there sewing shorts so no need for a tutorial (you can just use this tutorial from Calia Made (she offers a free pattern for size 2T)


  1. Those turned out really nicely! Plaid is so sweet on kids and I think it does hit the right "I'm actually dressed" note for the littlest kids. Great to keep in mind for summer baby gifts!

  2. Thanks so much for linking to my shorts! I love the ones you've made!

  3. Hi, I had a quick question, the side seams of the pattern are slightly different sizes and when you match them up you have extra length on the back pieces. Should I cut the back piece so the sides match up or is there a reason they are different and I'm not doing something right? I'm new at sewing, so this could be an error on my part.

    1. I also noticed that, and I lined it up at the bottom and cut the extra 1/4 inch or so off of the top and it lined up nicely. :)

    2. The back is bigger because you need extra room for the butt.

    3. More room for the butt wouldn't effect the side seams. So it's probably just an error in the pattern, which is easy to do in a rub off pattern if you don't check to make sure they are even afterwards.

  4. I've tried and tried to get onto your website to watch your tutorial, but with no success. Any ideas why?

  5. Hi there! I just tried to download the patterns and was confronted with an error page... I would love to use your pattern to make shorts for my baby girl. Thank you so much