Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vintage Style Blessing Outfit for Baby Boy

Okay, I admit, I am really proud of myself on this one. I sketched my idea on a post-it note, drafted the pattern, sewed this romper up, and it actually turned out exactly how I wanted it to! This outfit is for my little baby to be blessed in so I wanted it to be really special.
I wanted the outfit to be simple, but with vintage style details. I started with little pin tucks down the front.

And added a peter pan collar. Oh how I love this teeny tiny collar! It's a little on the girly side, but my husband okay'd it. (have you looked at vintage baby boy clothes? they are all dresses! the hubby would not be okay with that!)

The raw edges of the collar are finished with single fold bias tape

 The legs are cinched with quarter-inch elastic
A snap closure makes diaper changing easy. I used snap tape, and I don't know how I feel about it. Sewing it on was really easy, but it was expensive. $10 a yard, yikes! That's 3 bucks for 12 inches. hmmm I probably should learn how to use snaps.
 Here is how it looks from the back.
with three little white buttons to close up the back.

I saved all my pattern pieces and notes so I can hopefully turn this into a tutorial and free pattern! I would really like to fit it to a real baby first though! I used a store bought onesie as a guide to my sizing. I am hoping it fits all right.


  1. You are so impressive. This is so fantastic! I need to commission you to make something special.

  2. Also, Sean just told me about "there's something missing in my mouth!" And I craaaacked up!

  3. This is so great. Doesn't it feel good to see such a lovely finished project when you designed it yourself?
    Also, they have prepackaged snap tape that you might be able to stock up on when it goes on sale. I got a bunch at Joann's once for a lot cheaper and they lasted my girl's infancy in outfit making.

  4. Beautiful! (And I say that as someone who embraced vintage with the boy in a full-out dress.)

  5. I love it! This is a perfect boy blessing outfit!

  6. Holy cow! You are talented. That's so amazing you came up with this yourself. I am impressed!

  7. Dang! I have two boys and I agonized forever on what to bless them in. I hated the dresses but wanted something vintage-y and classic looking. This is perfect! Where were you two years ago!?

  8. No way. So I was googling around looking at baby boy blessing outfits when I came upon your blog. And your blessing outfit is exactly what I'm looking for. How random. Love what you did. I like the vintage look, too.

  9. Hi there! I have been searching for a blessing outfit for our baby boy that was classic with a vintage-y vibe. This is exactly it! I love how you designed this. Our baby is going to born in a month and I would love to make this for him to be blessed in. Do you have a tutorial or pattern for it?? I really, really hope so! :)

  10. I would also love a tutorial/pattern! This is the style I've been looking for :)