Monday, April 1, 2013

Chevron Tunic for Project Run and Play

This week is the Riley Blake Chevron Challenge at Project Run and Play.
I made a tunic based off the Maggie Mae Dress from Shwin and Shwin (the Maggie Mae dress is a tutorial on how to modify the Maggie Mae tunic pattern)

The top fabric is Riley Blake Floral in Aqua from the Doohikey Designs dress up days collection. The bottom fabric is Riley Blake Chevron in Aqua also from the dress up days collection
About a year ago I cut up this fabric to make the Maggie Mae Dress in a 6 month size for a friend's baby girl. Except the bottom was huge! I don't know where I went wrong. I don't know if the pattern is a poor fit or if  just I missed something (going between the tutorial and the pattern is a little confusing). I was frustrated and decided to just make my standard go-to baby gift instead (baby shoes) and ripped apart the top yoke/sleeve portion from the gathered bottom and threw away the top and tossed the bottom chevron fabric into my sewing stash to reuse somehow (it was a good sized piece of fabric!)

When Project Run and Play announced the Riley Blake challenge, I thought "Hey I have some Riley Blake chevrons waiting to be used!" So I pulled out the discarded bottom and decided to refit it to a tunic for my two year old. I re-cut the top piece in a size 2, and used the set-aside bottom that was cut to a 6 month size (I told you it was huge!)
Even unbuttoned it wasn't large enough to fit over little Christine's head so I did a little modification to the tunic (the tutorial says to just make the neck even wider, but it was already pretty wide). If the bottom had been cut to a size 2T I would have had plenty of fabric to make a button packet so everything could be consistent. It was a "make it work" moment, so I cut and lined a slit in the bottom. I don't mind the asymmetry at all. I love the top, and I am so happy that I was able to resurrect this great chevron fabric from the fabric graveyard.
I paired the chevron tunic with these box pleat shorts that you may recognize from the Bias Remix. They were the perfect match, you would have thought I made them to go with the top! (Check out my tutorial how to make the box pleat shorts here) I know, I know, Project Run and Play is all about sewing over the top  outfits and I only made a top, but cut me some slack, I am 36 weeks pregnant!!  
The adorable bows are crocheted using Craftiness is Not Optional's Easy Crochet Bows

I really wish I could play along for all the Project Run and Play challenges this round (there are some great challenges!) but I really need to get packing so we can move before this baby comes!

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P.S. I just realized that both bloggers I referenced tutorials from (Shwin and Shwin and Jess from Craftiness is Not Optional) are both All Star Contestants Ha! Thanks All Stars!


  1. I love the combination of prints and how they match perfectly!

    -Ash P

  2. That is a great fabric combination! I love it and way to make it work! I'm impressed you got that much done 36 weeks pregnant. I don't think I could sit still that long to sew when I was that far along.

  3. Just imagine how much wear your daughter will get out of that outfit. Sometimes, I wonder why I put so much effort into dresses, when they wear shorts mostly in the summer.

  4. This is really cute! I love a Maggie Mae. I think it's what I'm using for the base of week 3's look. The shape is so adorable on a little girl. Great colors!

  5. Oh it is so sweet. I love the color scheme, the fabric match up, and the hair bows. I will need to look into this pattern. Great job!

  6. I love it! The fabric is awesome! I love the Maggie Mae shirt, and you did a great job with it! I think the shorts are awesome, and I'm actually planning to make some for my outfit next week, so thanks a ton for the pattern! The pocket on the shorts is perfect! And I love the bows, I've been meaning to make some myself, and you have inspired me. Fantastic outfit!

  7. I love the whole outfit, so adorable! Especially the bows though :D

  8. LOVE that top---the style and the fabric choice! So cute!
    ps---That is funny that both of them are in all stars :)

  9. I'm sharing this as one of my favorites on my blog