Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shirt Dress

Remember these baby shorts?
Remember how I said I made the shorts from the leftover sleeve fabric after I made a shirt dress from my hubby's old shirt? Well here is the shirt dress!
 I used Dana's shirt dress tutorial and followed it to the T (sooo rare for me!)
I wasn't crazy about it when I finished (the slightly faded fabric was just so "eh!") so I switched out the small, boring off-white buttons for some bright yellow ones. Much better.
One of my favorite parts of sewing is buying lovely fabric that makes me swoon (I looooooove buying fabric). So making something out of my hubby's old shirt was different for me. I made it for the cost of the elastic (about 60 cents worth), four cheap buttons (15 cents each), and some white muslin (scraps leftover from my car seat blanket). $1.20 for a dress is pretty awesome! I may have to jump on the refashion train more often.
I love this dress! I can't wait for little brother to get here so he can wear the matching shorts and we can get some matchy-matchy photos!

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