Monday, June 24, 2013

Purple Bubble Shorts

When I heard that Imagine Gnats and Small + Friendly were hosting Shorts on the Line this summer I knew I had to participate again. Last year I had just started my blog and the shorts competition motivated me to create the box pleat shorts, which turned out to be the most popular tutorial of my little blog. I owe a lot to Shorts on the Line.

Anyways, I have two pairs of shorts for this year's competition. two kids, two pairs of shorts :) Today I present The Purple Bubble Shorts:
I used the "hulu hoop shorts" pattern from Ottobre. I have a lot to say about my new love for Ottobre, but that will have to wait for another post.  I did modify the pattern a little bit. The bottom of the shorts are supposed to have elastic casings, but I didn't like how it looked so I unpicked them and added some cuffs instead.
For the shorts I used a purple cotton that I have had in my stash for a long time. Why purple? because it is my daughter's FAVORITE color. She tells me everyday that purple is her favorite color EVER, and when she saw that I was sewing her purple shorts she nearly died. She began asking me daily if her shorts were finished yet.
For the pockets I cut into some of my beloved Posy fabric (Aneela Hoey's beautiful line of fabric).
Let me tell you, big pockets are one of the best perks of handmade clothing. Why is it that girl's pockets are barely large enough to fit a tube of chapstick? My daughter gets so upset when she tries to jam her play cell phone into the one-inch pockets on her store bought pants. But the pockets on these babies are huge and can fit all the toys she wants into them! 
The top, if you were curious, is the Josephine pattern from Violette Field Threads. Do you recognize the fabric? haha I used the exact Sarah Jane Out to Sea fabric that they used. I saw it, and thought to myself I MUST make that EXACT top! (Because it's gorgeous! and I'm still obsessed with the Out to Sea fabric line).

See more shorts in the Shorts On the Line flickr group

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Zuzzy is Back!

Phew! Our family has survived moving and the first month and a half with a new baby! There is still one giant box that needs unpacking. Zero pictures have been hung on the wall (anyone else hate hanging pictures?) and we had a bit of regression with potty training (ug!) that is getting better.

Life is settling down, so my sewing machine is whirling again! my sewing room has been set up (I have a sewing room now! no more sewing on the dining room table!) I have so many things in store for the blog that I am excited for, but I will still be posting at a slow pace. Shorts on the line is coming up and I have two pairs of shorts to enter. A tutorial for one of the shorts (the photo above is a sneaky peak of the tutorial) and I just ordered lots of fabric for sewing nursery bedding!

Google reader is disappearing in just a few days (I am still in mourning over that) so be sure to follow me through your new reader. (If you were curious, I tried out feedly and bloglovin and decided on bloglovin)