Monday, July 29, 2013

Out to Sea Nautical Dress

I am finally getting around to blogging about the projects I made right before we moved/had a baby. (I also photographed these in our old apartment with crappy lighting- hence the blurry photos aaaargh)
Sometimes (okay a lot of times) I see something fabulous and I want to replicate it exactly. Not just the pattern, but the fabric too. This might not be on the high end of the creativity scale, but I LOVED this dress the moment I saw it debut on the blogosphere. The dress was designed by Cally of the blog Calico for Sarah Jane.  Let me tell you, it's ADORABLE.
I do want to make this pattern again in a different fabric combination, but I think I need to wait until she outgrows this one. It's weird to have the exact same dress in two color-ways right? Maybe I will make it into a top instead? Shouldn't be too hard to change the pattern up a little bit.
When I wrote about my red riding hood dress I mentioned it was my second invisible zipper. Well this dress was my FIRST. The tutorial called for an invisible zipper, so I finally pulled out my invisible zipper foot and figured out how to use it. I watched this video from Coletterie that was very helpful.
Cally's tutorial is very clear, I highly recommend it. If you are hesitant about the pattern drafting part and have a 2 year old, just download my size 2 pattern here.

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