Friday, July 5, 2013

The plaid shorts

Remember these shorts I made a few months ago? Well my little guy is now big enough to fit into them! So if you were considering sewing up the free pattern, here is what they look like in action.
They are so comfy, and lightweight. They can be paired with a onesie, or if it's too hot (anyone else going through this crazy heat wave?) just throw them over a diaper!
For this onesie I just drew some arrows with a sharpie marker, like I've seen several bloggers doing recently. It's sooooo fast. 

For those just stopping by, these shorts were made from my hubby's old shirt that I cut up to make into a shirt dress for my daughter (details on shirt dress here). I had leftover fabric from the sleeves that I used to sew into these shorts. I shared the free pattern here. I shared the blanket details here.

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  1. what a gorgeous little boy, i love the little shorts with suspenders you made in the post following this. But his little fuzzy hair & sweet face made me stop and leave a comment. Hope you are enjoying the kcw fun as much as I am, if you have a chance come see what I'm making for my two monsters.