Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hangout Hoodie Sewalong

This week Amy from Naptime Crafters had a little sew-along for the hangout hoodie pattern. I  love a sew-along plus, I snagged the pattern last week when it was on sale for Thrifty Thursday.
To make it, I used two of my old t-shirts: the black and white one had shrunk too short, and the pink one had random yellow stains on the front. So the shirt cost me nothing! excellent.

I shot these photos at the splash pad, I tried to be quick because Christine was anxious to play. In my haste I didn't even realize the shirt was tucked into her swimsuit she had on underneath. So that's why it looks so wonky. It really does fit well, promise.
 I was surprised how fast this shirt came together! One nap time! ONE! that's the bonus of upcycling t-shirts, I was able to use the hems on the bottom and the sleeves.

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