Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This week's project run and play challenge was to make an outfit inspired by candy.

When I heard the themes, I knew immediately I that I wanted to use a lollipop as my inspiration candy: colorful, bright, fun. I also wanted to keep this week's clothing pieces very wearable. Basic wardrobe staples that would be worn over and over again.
The jacket is my favorite of the whole look. I splurged and bought another Oliver + S pattern: the Sunday brunch jacket. It's a great light-weight, unlined jacket. Perfect for Texas where it never gets very cold.
The jacket is made from a pink corduroy from Hobby Lobby, and the facing is lined with a little Heather Ross strawberries bias tape.
I LOVE the adorable pop of color in the inside. Even though no one will see it.
Next up, the pants. These knit leggings were my first draft of the purple leggings from last week's challenge. I was testing out my drafted pattern on this knit I had leftover from making myself a maxi skirt, and I thought they would go great with the look so I ended up keeping them. My first draft was a little baggy, so I changed the pattern to be a little more slim on the thighs. (Anyone interested in a free legging pattern for skinny girls? I could digitize it if there was interest)
The top some of you may recognize, is the Hanami top by Straight Grain. I used a cute green and white floral print from Walmart (who knew Walmart actually carries some decent fabric?! I just bought some fabulous faux leather from Walmart for only $7 a yard. Um ya projects coming up next week. 5 words: free pattern baby boy shoes!)

This will probably be it from me for this season of Project Run and Play. I just haven't been feeling the plaid. I will just sit back and vote on my favorites.

Thanks for stopping by! and be sure to check out the other sew-along entries.


  1. Can't wait to see the boys shoes, hoping you link to the pattern! This outfit- especially the pink jacket and hanan,I top, is adorable, by the way!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I can't wait for it to get cold enough so we can actually wear the jacket!

  3. Your color choices and fabrics are superb!!! I love how they are all so different but fit together so, love this outfit!

  4. Loving how you added the colorful bias tape. Details like that are the best.