Thursday, October 24, 2013

KCW: day four

We went out today and took some real pictures! Much better yes?

Let's talk details. This is the Bimaa pattern from Lou Bee Patterns. If there is a "pattern of the season" right now, it's the Bimaa. I almost bought the Sew Fab Pattern Bundle a few weeks ago just for the Bimaa, but then I realized that buying the pattern at full price was much cheaper than buying 30 patterns I wouldn't use (plus I already owned several patterns included in there). Let me say, this is an AWESOME pattern. I can't wait to sew it up again with a contrasting cowl like here, and again with the shawl collar like here. And I kinda want to make it for me like Suz did here. It is actually a really easy pattern and sews up really quick.

For fabric I used this cotton jersey fabric and it is sooooo soft! I want to make myself a t-shirt out of it, maybe an exact matching shirt, and then we can wear them together and be SO COOL! (that's my sarcastic voice btw)
As for my remaining KCW sewing, I am almost finished with the Metro Dress. I sewed a little bit this morning before breakfast and all of a sudden it started coming together really quick! I was just kind of winging it because 1- I was too lazy to read the tutorial instructions and got derails from the original pattern (I did a full lining instead of a facing) 2- I get arrogant about my sewing skills thinking I am the sewing master (I'm not) and all of a sudden I realized that I was beyond my skills.  I had in my hands a dress with a full lining (I have never sewn a full lining before) and an invisible zipper (I think this would be my 4th invisible zipper ever). I was just making this up as I went along! So I went to the true sewing masters Coletterie and found this brilliant tutorial. I sewed up the zipper and the stars aligned so beautifully. With my ego puffed up again, "I AM the sewing master!" I moved on to the next step- sewing the lining to the dress part and I tried to turn it right side out, and I couldn't...
.... I had just made the world's first infinity scarf with 16 #$% darts. (I am going to digitize this pattern and sell it for $10 and make bank because every sewer is going to want to sew one of these! (sarcastic voice again))
 Looks pretty good no? the 16 darts really make it fabulous

Anyways. That's my update for KCW so far. Tomorrow I hopefully will have final photos of the completed Metro dress (Yes, the infinity scarf is no more). Then it's onto the last item on my KCW list. I have pieces cut out for the white skinny jeans, but I'm not sure how much I will get done on them. Friday is my cleaning day.


  1. I've TOTALLY done the think-I'm-a-master-so-don't-read-instructions-and-can't-turn-right-side-out thing before...more than once if I'm being honest. Pre-blog, though, so it was my secret shame. ha!

  2. that fabric on the top is amazing!!! SOOO perfect for that shirt and cuteness!!! I'm a new follower on Pinterest.... I have a group board Sewing for Kids... its been growing fast, I'd love for you to join!! Follow me at ntcreations or just follow the board and I can invite you to join the group... we'de love to have you pinning your greatness :o)pop me an e-mail at Emily