Monday, October 21, 2013

KCW: day one

Today is the first day of KCW! If you read my KCW plans, you know I wanted to knock the Halloween costume off the list very first thing.
Cinderella dress? check!
Christine is SOOOOO into princesses right now, and wanted to be Cinderella for Halloween. I was all for it because it means we now have a Cinderella dress for our dress up collection. I have grand visions of one day having loads of handmade dress-ups. (I may have to call in reinforcements for that though... Grandma???)
I chose to go simple, simple, simple with this one. I did a basic peasant dress pattern (there are loads of free patterns/tutorials online like this one by Create Kids Couture). I cut the pattern off at the waistline, and did as long of a rectangle as I could get from my remaining fabric (I bought 1 yard of this blue shiny polyester stuff). For puffy things? (what ARE those called???) I cut four half circles and sewed them together and gathered them up a little bit and tucked those in between the bodice and skirt as I sewed the two together. I am regretting not following this tutorial (Oh look they are called bustles! thank you Rae Gun Ramblings) so they would be a little more dramatic, but I am still happy with my results.
See all the great KCW projects here. I am also linking this up with the Project Run and Play Costume Party

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