Monday, October 28, 2013

KCW: day six

Okay, it's Monday and I'm still blogging what I did on Saturday. I finished the metro dress, took photos, and even uploaded the photos to my computer on Saturday, but I ran out of time because it was time to get ready for the trunk or treat. 
Christine was a little annoyed at taking more pictures (you have to take my picture again mom? didn't we do this yesterday? and the day before? and the day before that?) I had to pay out a boxed apple juice drink for this, and she demanded that she dictate where the photos were taken (she chose her playhouse) AND that she could wear her new "glass slippers" (that were for her Cinderella Halloween costume) in the picture.
This dress is a knock off of a jcrew dress (from 2011, I'm so not trendy am I?) that Shwin and Shwin did a tutorial for. Except I didn't follow the instructions and fully lined the dress instead of adding a facing. If you've been reading my KCW posts, you know that adding the lining doubles the amounts of darts you have to sew. But once you've sewn those and avoided turning the dress into a scarf it isn't too bad. In fact this was one of those projects that pushed my skill set. I love those type of projects (when they are done), they are so satisfying.
Christine is probably glad that KCW is over, but I am going to miss the momentum I had going. (not that I am going to stop sewing, for those of you who know me, I am always sewing!)

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  1. So beautiful! I loved reading all your KCW posts. I'm impressed for sure!