Tuesday, October 22, 2013

KCW: day two

I woke up this morning with a sore throat. not good. ug! I hate being sick. If I don't feel better quick, the dress and skinny jeans are going to get kicked off the KCW list. As for the long sleeve shirts, they are done and just need to be photographed. So at least there will be a few more pictures to come.
 The leggings used to be a nightgown of mine that I never wore, and the shirt used to be this shirt
After I saw this photo I realized I needed to stop wearing that shirt. It actually was in the re-purpose pile once, and then as we were packing up to move I pulled it out and moved it back to my dresser. haha. Now there is no chance it will move back into my dresser drawers!
I used the flash back skinny pattern for the bodice, and then just eyeballed the sleeves (obviously I didn't do a fabulous job- I may revisit this top to perfect the fit a bit).

I actually drew out the idea for this shirt in my sketchbook, and then noticed later as I was skimming through my pinterest sewing tutorial pins, pretty much the exact same idea on Craftiness is Not Optional called The Playdate Dress. So while I thought I came up with the idea, I clearly was just remembering the dress that my brain had carefully stashed away.

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