Friday, October 18, 2013

KCW: the plan

kid's clothes week
Kids Clothing Week begins on Monday. I am so ready! I have my patterns picked out, my fabric chosen, and some of the pieces already cut out.

For those of you who don't know, Kids Clothing Week is an online blogging event where sewers are challenged to sew for one hour a day for an entire week. Sewing bloggers (who usually sew an hour a day) typically do a big sewing marathon- a "make as many kids clothes as you can in one week" if you will. Yesterday I went to craft group (the crafty ladies in our ward meet together at each other's houses every other week to craft while our kids play together), and I brought some fabric to cut out pattern pieces. As I was trying to explain what Kids Clothes Week was, I got the "woa this lady is crazy!" look. haha That's totally okay.

The KCW plan:
(working from the top of the fabric pile down)
  • Make a Bimaa long sleeve with cowl neck long from this super soft zig zag cotton jersey
  • Re-purpose this teal t-shirt of mine into a playdate top Christine
  • Re-purpose a polka dot knit night gown that I never ever wear into leggings to match the teal shirt
  • flash back skinny long sleeves shirt from Briar Rose Strawberries cotton jersey knit fabric
  • Metro dress from the solid dusty pink fabric and floral fabric as lining
  • Skinny Jeans from the white denim (Nap Time Crafters is having a sew-along next week, how could I resist?)
  • Not pictured (because I am cheating and getting a head start on this one) before I sew any of the above, I must finish Christine's Halloween costume- a Cinderella dress.
See you Monday! Hopefully with a finished Cinderella dress!

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  1. Haha yeah that's about right a sewing marathon :) I have to get a list together, I'm trying to bust out Halloween costumes this weekend!