Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I've been up to

For those of you who follow my little blog here, you probably already know that I am still in the "baby stage" of life. Each week, life is getting easier and more routine. I have figured out how to go grocery shopping on my own with 2 kids (answer: leave right after baby wakes up from nap and is fed, park right next to the grocery carts in the parking lot and bring goldfish for the toddler to eat) and how to go to the fabric store (answer: put the baby in the infant carrier-I use a Beco Butterfly- so that toddler can be strapped down in the cart, and make a game of trying to find Dora or Cinderella fabric so toddler is entertained). So hopefully that means I will have a little more time to pop in at the blog more often.

Last week I had an email from a reader saying they were hoping to see the bigger size in the suspender shorts. I am actually in the middle of reworking that whole pattern. (Well, a little here and there in between sewing difference projects because I can't work on just one project at a time now can I?? I am a little crazy like that). This summer I bought a fabulous book called Metric Pattern Cutting for Children's Wear and Babywear. I have been learning a LOT about pattern design, and how to do it right. not just trace a t-shirt and call it good. So I redrafted the shorts and they are awesome. Except, that is as far as I have reached. I want to have a pants version too and have it all available in two sizes- 0-6 months and 6-12 months. But since there are people out there who want a size 6-12 months shorts pattern, and I HAVE a 6-12 months size shorts pattern, why don't I share? I have added it to the original post here.

Kids Clothing Week is coming next week, and I have some big plans! This means I will be blogging frequently for a little while (well for a week a least) so check back Friday.

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  1. Hey! Just got here looking for the suspender shorts pattern. My kid is 19 months old now, but pretty small. I hope to be able to up-scale the 6-12m pattern. Thanks for sharing!!