Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kate Middleton Coat

Okay, this is an old project guys. But I haven't shared it yet, and I want to document it in my little crafting portfolio. Plus I promised my sister (hi Ashley!) that I would show her some pictures.
This is my Kate Middleton/Burberry Trench Coat inspired look. I created it for the Project Run and Play sewalong "The Fashion Icon" challenge back in September 2012. I was sewing like mad to finish the coat, but unfortunately my killer morning sickness did me in and I had to give up with just the belt loops to go. I did finish the coat the week after, but then I never photographed it, until now, a full year later (hence the reason why it looks a bit too small!)
For the record, the sew along winner that week was another Kate Middleton coat (Froo and Boo actually, who is competing this season in PR&P)
I made the coat out of cream fleece, and adapted the pattern from Shwin and Shwin's Abby Coat.
It was a great coat, and we got a lot of wear out of it. I may have to make it again in a larger size.


  1. Very cute coat. Kate Middleton has great style. Hope you're enjoying this season of PR&P!