Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Project Run and Play: Winter Wonderland

Project Run and Play season 8 is here! Hooray! time for a little sewing.
This week's theme is "Winter Wonderland." Honestly, it was hard for me to channel the winter love, I am celebrating the end of winter here in Texas (see the grass in the background? some green stuff is starting to come up!)
image from the black apple

For this look, I was inspired by the black apple dolls (who was reading the Black Apple back in 2009? I have been in love with these dolls for years)

image from worn on tv

And Mary Margaret has also been influencing all my fashion choices right now. Ohmygosh I loooove Once Upon a Time. The show is great, but the cloooooothes. The whole show, I am like "that jacket is sooo preeeeeeeetty!" For those who don't watch, Mary Margaret is Snow White and she is cursed with a fabulous closet full of amazing coats and hats. Okay, that's not really what the curse is about, there's also a great collection of cardigans.

I have had the idea for this outfit forming in my head for a while now, and it all just fit so well with the Winterwonderland theme, so I went for it. The crochet hat pattern is from velvet acorn, and the capelet and a-line dress are self-drafted.  If you are thinking gasp! are those raw edges? yes, they are. To be honest, they are both what I would call wearable muslins. They were the first test of my pattern so I didn't want to invest in fancy fabric or spend extra time lining the capelet. Though, I am in love with how it turned out so I mostly likely make it again for reals.
As I was headed outside to take pictures Christine started to get upset, "but mommy what can I hold? I need a lollipop to hold" (remembering this look). So I tried to explain that the only reason she got a lollipop that time was because it was a lollipop dress, and this is the "black apple dress"  "Oh! I need an apple to hold!"
The capelet is made from grey fleece, and has a button loop closure.
The dress is a cheap cotton from Walmart. The pattern is a simple A-line with biastape-lined arm holes and neck hole, with a button placket in the back.
The neck was a little too small so it ripped while I was trying to wrestle Christine into the partially sewn up dress. (a big problem with sewing with such cheapo fabric) At first I thought, oh well, it was just a muslin anyways, but then I thought "Eh, I will just put a notch there!" luckily it ripped in the center.
I used these two amazing vintage buttons that I found at a local antique shop.
And my favorite of the whole look... the socks!!! I used this tutorial from Me Sew Crazy. I am definitely going to be making more!

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  1. The capelet is just adorable! It looks so cozy and I definitely think with fleece there's no reason to tackle the edges :) The notch in the dress is a happy accident indeed. It gives a little more interest to the front of the dress. I've never used Walmart's fabric, but if it's anything like their wrapping paper I'm sure it practically disintegrates in your hands haha. I made that mistake this christmas :)

  2. This is such a great winter wonderland look. Great Job!!
    with love,

  3. The outfit is darling and the socks are so much fun!

  4. I totally thought of Once Upon a Time before I saw your inspiration! I really love the socks too, I might have to make some!