Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Flannel Quilt

I finished a quilt last week. This is embarrassing to admit, but I started this quilt about 6 years ago. My mother was de-stashing her flannel scraps and making up a flannel quilt and offered me all the scraps I needed to make myself one as well. I was newly married and working as a counselor at a juvenile delinquent residential treatment facility. I sewed the quilt blocks together in the evenings while my hubby worked on his homework (he was finishing up his undergraduate degree at the time). 
My parents had recently purchased my beautiful Bernina Bernette for me as a graduation present, and this was probably my very first project that I sewed on my sewing machine. I actually pieced all the quilt blocks together quickly, but then I didn't know how to actually turn it into a quilt. So the quilt top sat in a storage container under my bed for a couple years. I moved across the country- away from my mother, the quilting expert, there was no pinterest yet either- so it stayed there, unfinished. Then when my little girl was born my mother flew out to visit us. We pulled out my quilting frames that had never been used, and my mom helped me quilt it with some basic yarn knots. Then it sat in a closet, waiting to be bound. With only one step left it sat there again for three more years (for some reason large projects intimidate me, even if they are simple).
Then, this winter we had several days of very cold weather, and my daughter needed an extra blanket on her bed. I pulled out this quilt for my daughter and put it on her bed. The unfinished edges bothered me, so I dug out the binding I had cut out for it and finished up the quilt finally! 
My daughter loves this quilt so much. It's so warm and snugly, and best of all there are so many stories in this quilt. Because the flannel came from my mom's scrap bin, these came from remnants of projects my mom made me and my siblings (mostly pj pants) I can point out which ones were mine (the cream with snowboarders, the blue with pink fairies) which ones where my sisters (the blue with cows stars and moons were Ashley's the pink Eiffle tower was Jessica's). I told Christine all this and pointed out all the different fabric as we snuggled under the quilt reading stories at nap time, and she just loved it.


  1. I love it! So mom gave me a bag of flannel squares at the same time she probably gave you your bag. Just this week I finally dug the bag of flannel squares out and began sewing them together! I will have to send you a picture if I ever finish it :)

  2. and PS: it looks like she gave you all the cute fabric. My squares are all baby fabrics and weird boy fabrics, or plain ones!

    1. Don't blame mom, I dug through the bins and took all the good stuff! It's totally my fault that you got stuck with all the leftovers! #earlybirdgetstheworm