Thursday, February 27, 2014

KCW day 3

I finished the blue top today! I sewed the last bit this morning so we were able to go outside to get some photos. Which means I have better photos to share than yesterday! Hooray!
White jeans: check!
peasant blouse: check!
So let's talk about the shirt first. The fabric is a quilter's cotton, Scandinavian-esque print that I picked up at Jo-Anns last week. For the pattern, I used Simplicity 5695. I bought this pattern about three years ago and have sewn it several times. There are three sizes (1/2, 1, and 2) and I have sewn every size now. I think everyone should have a basic peasant blouse/dress pattern in their stash, it's so versatile and very fast to sew.

The pants. hmmm I am not sure how I feel about them. As I said before, I used the Skinny Jeans from Peek a Boo Patterns  (affiliate link). I sewed a size 2 with a size 3 length. I wasn't overly impressed with the pattern. There wasn't anything wrong, but nothing to make me say this is the best pattern ever. They aren't as skinny as I imagined, but they are still cute. I used a white stretch denim also from Joanns. The pants will probably get stained real quick but that's okay (I think when I bought the fabric I had intended to try dying the fabric a mint blue/green color- but that was back when I only had one child). ***ADDED MAY 29, 2014: I need to add that I TAKE IT BACK! after I washed these jeans and they shrunk a little they now fit perfectly, they are AWESOME! seriously, I love them. They fit so well, and look great. I have since sewn several pants patterns from a few different designers and this pattern wins for best pants. Don't let my ho-hum review here sway you from getting this pattern. The pattern is worth it!***
Note to self: Next time I sew this pants pattern I will take about 1" from each back panel, and shorten the crotch length by 1/2" at the leg inseam.

I had to include this photo. Christine has such an adorable expression, and my favorite part is Jacob in the background. haha! because you wondering where Jacob was while we were snapping photos, right?

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