Monday, February 24, 2014

KCW make-up

I declare this week to be...
remedial Kids Clothes Week!

The official Winter KCW was a few weeks ago and I was really excited to sew-along, however the kids and I got sick. Conjunctivitis, ear infections, rashes, coughs, high fevers... not fun. Everyone took turns going into the doctor (except hubby, he didn't get sick. Something to do with washing his hands a bazillion times at the hospital everyday and not being home enough to get exposed) So I was forced to watch KCW from the sidelines.

But now everyone is better, and Christine needs pants. All of a sudden all of her pants are several inches too short, and her waist is so small that store bought pants do not fit. If the pants are long enough, they will not stay up. So, I though, why not sew this week? not just regular sewing (I mean, I sew every week right?) but KCW sew with a PLAN, with focus, and magical KCW energy!

So here we go!

My KCW plans:
I am starting with some white skinny jeans using the skinny jean pattern from peek a boo patterns (affiliate link). I will use some white stretch denim that I bought forever ago.
Then I have a little mending to do, these pink pants from Target have a hole in the knee (because Christine only has a few pairs of pants that fit they get a lot of wear). I am going to patch them up with little hearts like E&E did a few weeks ago

Next I plan to add a ruffle to the bottom of these jeans using this grey print. The idea came from this post from the Mother Huddle

Lastly, I want to sew up two quick peasant blouses from these prints I bought last week from Joann's when I was in Houston. (They were 50% off and I had a 15% off your total purchase coupon! I sooooo wish there was a Joann's closer to me!)

That will give me three pairs of pants and two tops. Depending on how quickly I can get these done, I may sew up a pair of Small Fry Skinny Jeans using some floral denim I have in my stash.

See you tomorrow with an update on my progress!

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