Friday, March 28, 2014

Princess and the Pea Embroidery

I realized as I was taking pictures of the pink diaper basket that I never have shared this embroidery project. I stitched it up three years ago for Christine's nursery. This princess and the pea embroidery is one of my favorites.
The pattern is from the Etsy shop Follow the White Bunny. It's a complicated embroidery pattern and took several hours, but so adorable! I love all the different mattresses. The princess and the pea was my favorite fairy tale when I was little. The idea of a mountain of mattresses and blankets to climb and jump on was my ideal fantasy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Dived Basket

I went to a baby shower this weekend. Actually, it was a diaper shower, but you know my feelings about gifting a plain boring box of diapers. I still gifted diapers, but put the diapers in a basket. Yep  ANOTHER dived basket, but this time in a girly color scheme.
My friend's baby nursery decorating theme is based on these art prints she got from Etsy, so I wanted the basket to fit in with her nursery. I went with a bubble gum pink Pearl Bracelet, yellow gingham, and plain white.
The shower was a diaper shower, so I filled the basket with diapers and a pack of wipes, and a few washcloths. You can always use more washcloths right?
I bought a 10 pack of white washcloths from Walmart for super cheap (though next time I think I will try Ross so I can get some higher quality washcloths, these things are a little threadbare). Then I went through my fabric scrap box and picked a few prints that went with the nursery colors (great way to use fabric scraps!) then I pieced the squares together in a long row, folded the edges under 1/4th inch and sewed the rectangle onto the washcloth. Took me 10 minutes :)
 Ahhhh love these little bits of Heather Ross strawberries!

So I actually have no idea if the mom liked it or not. We didn't open presents at the shower! What?! I know it was a diaper shower and half the guests brought just an unwrapped box of diapers, but there were several others like me who did more than diapers. I love the part where the presents are opened and you get to Oooh and Ahhhh over all the baby things and you can see the mom's face when she opens your gift. Is that weird of me?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Josephine Dress

Today Christine wore her Josephine dress to church for the last time, it's just too small. The sleeves are too short and the dress is a few inches too short. It is time to pack away the dress. This makes me so sad, as it's my very favorite dress ever. I made it forever ago, before I had started this little blog so I never photographed it.  Before I pack the dress away I wanted to snap a few photos.
As you can see, I made it using the exact fabric that Violet Field's used (Sarah Jane Out to Sea Fabric- favorite fabric line ever!) because it was so dang cute.
This is definitely my favorite dress pattern I've ever made. It's the Josephine Dress by Violet Field Threads. It's a more pricey pattern ($10.95) but they do have sales every once in a while, sometimes as good as 50% off (and if you curious no I'm not affiliated with VFT but if they offered an affiliate program I would for sure sign up because I love their patterns).
Christine calls this dress her "Cinderella dress" because it has a sash. Funny girl, I love how her mind works. I love that she loves this dress. I just hope she likes the next version just as much- yep I have already made another Josephine dress in the next size up.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Update on the suspender shorts

The weather has started to warm up here in central Texas, forcing me to dig through the kid's drawers and reorganize their wardrobes. I boxed up the winter clothes and made a shopping list of wardrobe needs and in the process I found the suspender shorts at the back of Jacob's drawers. I tried them on him, curious how they fit. And wow! they are still a great pair of shorts! 

Jacob is now 10 months, and these are the original size 0-6 months shorts. The shorts were made to be high-waisted, but now they sit at his hips. The suspenders were waaaaaay too short, so I simply un-buttoned the suspenders.

Can you believe how big this guy is getting? It's a good thing because he sleeps through the night now, I'm a much more pleasant person to be around when I've had some sleep. Plus he's outgrown his GERD, which means no more screams of death. Plus, if I need a few minutes of peace, all I have to do is give him a few cheerios.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Zuzzy's Husband- My Wife Speaks the 6th Love Language...

When we were newly married my wife and I read a great book "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman.  While this is a fabulous book, Dr. Chapman clearly forgot the 6th love language (Which is my wife's primary love language).. Fabric.

Husbands listen up! Nothing heals a broken heart, or rejuvenates a stressed and tired wife like buying a new pattern, going to Jo-Ann's, picking up all the supplies, excitedly showing you all the different, beautiful fabrics they picked out, and having a whole hour of kid-free-sewing-time. (Sadly that's usually as long as I last)
Thank goodness for fabric stores, blogs, and sewing machines.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Janek Baby Shoes Tutorial (and free pattern!)

Remember FOREVER ago when I said I bought some faux leather and I was making a pattern for some baby boy shoes? Well, I made several pairs of them and gave them to some dear sweet friends. Then I made a pair for my own little guy. (seriously, this was a while ago! I mean look at Jacob. He wasn't even mobile yet!) I have been hesitant to share the pattern because I don't know if I love them.While they look absolutely adorable, they are rather easy for little babies to take off their feet. So if you are wanting to make these, I suggest making them for little babies who can't pull their shoes off yet.

I had a hard time naming these. You see, I made these shoes for two little boys, Janek and Ryan. They are the sweet babies of two very dear friends. Ryan, you are still loved very much, but you lost in a coin toss and Janek won. I will just have to name another pair of shoes for you, okay?
Ready to make your own?

You will need:
  • 1/4 yard faux leather
  • 1/4 yard felt (I recommend a wool blend, or at least the nice acrylic stuff from the bolt, avoid the craft felt that comes in sheets)
  • 1/2" wide twill tape, or any trim/ribbon you like
  • fusible web (I used Pellon wonder-under, but steam-a-seam, heat n bond, and soft fuse would all work just fine)
  • fabric glue (such as Fabric FusionFabri-Tac or fabri-fix)
  • free pattern HERE (this size will fit babies 1-4 months-ish)
Begin by cutting your pattern pieces. Cut out two main pieces from each leather, felt, and fusible web. Cut two soul pieces from leather. Cut two insole pieces from felt. Remember that pins put permanent holes into leather, so when pinning be sure to pin along only the very outer part (in the seam allowance)

Another tip, don't cut the tab part out of the felt just yet. It's much easier to wait until it is fused to the leather and then trim it to shape rather than trying to match it up and having it stretch or slip.
This is the fusible web I used, pellon 805 "wonder-under." You purchase it by the yard, and is found with the interfacing at the fabric store. You can find it at Joanns, Hancocks, Hobby Lobby, and even Walmart. I like to use this stuff for applique. It is an adhesive that fuses two fabrics together. The heat activated glue is on both sides, so one side is covered in paper that you will remove after you bond the other side to your first fabric.
The reason why wonder-under has paper on one side is so that you can fuse one side at a time. So, keep the paper on (you don't want to fuse your felt to your ironing board, pressing cloth, or iron!!) and iron the web to the felt (rough side down-on the felt, paper side up-against the iron).

The wonder under instructions direct you to to use a "pressing cloth." A pressing cloth isn't anything fancy, just a scrap of cotton fabric will work. It seems like a hassle, but DO IT! I have accidentally fused quilting applique to my pressing cloth- if the pressing cloth wasn't there, the bird applique would have been glued to my iron! yikes!
Okay, now you can peel off the paper. Do you see the webbing fused to the felt?
 With the fusible web side of the felt up, place the leather on top.
 Now iron. The felt and leather should now be fused together as if it were just one.
Trim the felt of the little tab, snip snip snip.
Next, with a chalk pencil, mark your stitching line. This will help your stitching to be more precise, and give your shoes a nice look. Then with a nice contrasting thread, sew along your stitching line. With leather, your sewing needle punches very visible holes, so you can't unpick and redo your stitching if you mess up, so take your time to make it look as nice as you can. (tip: I recommend practicing a little bit on some of your scraps before sewing on the shoe, get a feel for the leather and practice pivoting smoothly. This is the hardest part of the shoes)
repeat, so you have two. We are making two shoes remember!
 fold your shoe with the heel sides together and sew (1/4" seam allowance)
 Now you are ready to sew the bottoms on! ready?
 Line up your triangles on the tops and bottoms (I learned to sew from simplicity/butterick/mccalls patterns, so I am a big fan of matching centers with triangles!)
 Sew around the entire sole.
sew on your tab. Go back and forth a couple times.You are going to be pulling on this tab to help you put the shoe on baby's foot, so you want it secure. (the first pair I made I didn't put a tab on, ha! they were impossible to put on my baby. Don't skip this!)
 Trim the excess, this will help the shoe not to pucker.
 Time to sew the top of the tab down. Fold over the twill tape.
You will be sewing along the stitching.
Time for the insole
remember the felt piece you cut? You are going to glue it to the inside of the shoe.
 Use a permanent fabric glue and apply glue to the inside of the shoe (with the shoe inside out)
See how it doesn't quite go to the edge? That's okay. When you turn it right-side out it will cover the seams.
As you turn the shoe right-side out, put a little glue along the edge...
and cover with the insole.
See? I told you it would work! When it's turned inside out, it covers all the seams! hooray. I know it's tempting to put the shoes on your baby right away, but you need to let the glue dry completely before putting them on your baby's cute feet. Just follow the directions on the glue bottle. Mine says to wait 2 hours.

Enjoy your baby shoes!