Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Baby Shoes

These pictures are forever old, last OCTOBER old. Jacob still looks like a baby in these pictures. Now the little munchkin looks more like a toddler.

Remember last fall when I mentioned I had a baby shoe pattern I made? Well I am finally getting around to sharing it. The post with free pattern is ready and scheduled to post tomorrow morning :) Today I wanted to share the original shoes and the gifts that inspired those shoesies.

This gift went to a dear friend. At the time she was living in San Antonio and I thought a nice thin blanket like these ones would be useful in hot Texas. Except their career plans changed and they moved to Utah after just  a few months in San Antonio. I'm not sure a thin blanket will be as useful in Utah. I added a binkey clip (Kate has a good tutorial how to to make these) and of course the shoes.
 Then for another sweet friend, I decorated a onesie with a little bicycle iron-on transfer that I cut on my silhouette, crocheted a simple hat for winter.
Jacob is eating the contents of my purse right now, so I will just leave this post brief. You just skip the words and look at the pictures anyways right?

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