Friday, April 11, 2014

Born to Sew- Zuzzy's Husband Post

"Mommy can we play something?"
--Sure what would you like to play?

"Oh, I get to choose!.. I'll show you what I want to do."

"Let's Sew!"
--But Honey, you don't know how to sew. You're only 2.
"Oh please. I was born to sew! It is in my blood."

"You just take your fabric like this."

"And you just run it through the machine like this."

"See there is nothing to it!"

Since that day, Christine has improved her sewing abilities. She knows now, to lay the fabric out so you can measure it.
 Then you need to add some bling... blue buttons in this case.
 Then you measure out  how much fabric you'll need.

Zuzzy's Husband's advice: Chose your wives wisely, because they are whom your daughters will want to be. I hope my daughter becomes just like my wife.

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