Friday, April 4, 2014

I started an Etsy shop

Yep. I started an etsy shop.  Some of you who know me are probably not surprised. I have been talking about wanting to open a little shop for a few years. I think my original idea (maybe four or five years ago) was to sew pillows, then I tried to get my sister on board with me to make felt baby books. Now that I am finally doing it, it was easy to decide what to fill my shop with- kids clothing.
I named the shop Zuzzy Design and I sewed up a few things for Easter. I only have a few things in the shop right now. The lace leggings picture on the top have already sold. I just bought more stretch lace fabric so hopefully this weekend the shop won't be so empty... it all depends on how nap time goes.

I know that if you follow my blog you probably sew yourself and aren't interested in buying handmade clothing from Etsy. But I just wanted to share what sewing adventures I have been up to lately :)


  1. Congrats Angela! Best wishes on your new shop!

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  3. congratulations on the new Etsy store! I am playing with the idea of opening a shop on etsy myself, so am interested to see how you explore and handle your shop from the start! Thanks for the link, and although I have no children, I will be watching your store for inspiration!