Friday, April 18, 2014

My Grandfather

Did everyone see the post that my sweet husband wrote last week? He is so supportive of my blog and knows I have a goal of posting once a week. He knew I wasn't able to write something, so he wrote one for me. You see, my grandfather died last week. I didn't even know if I could manage to get to Utah for the funeral, (Jeff couldn't get time off from the hospital) but miraculously my Dad was able to fly out to Texas to help me pack up the kids and fly with us to Utah for the funeral.

My grandfather was an artist. He was a high school art teacher. He was a photographer. He threw pottery. He always encouraged me (and my siblings and cousins) to spend time developing our talents. He gave me art supplies like watercolor pencils and big fat gummy erasers and encouraged me to draw and paint. He valued artistry.

My grandfather influenced me greatly, and I hope to be the type of person he wanted me to be.

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