Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Baby Boy Shoes

Jacob is a walking boy now, so I sewed him some little baby shoes.
Oh my gosh I forgot how much I love sewing baby shoes. They are one of my favorite things to sew.
I used the Little Man Shoe Pattern from Petitboo Etsy shop. It's a good pattern, definitely worth $4.50 (though you guys know I have no problem dropping money on sewing patterns!)
I know someone's going to ask, are baby shoes hard to sew? The answer is yes and no. There are no tricky techniques, but baby shoes are small and that makes them a little complicated to sew well, but the effort is sooo worth it! They get worn everyday, and have you seen how expensive baby shoes at the store are????

Shoes hardly take any fabric at all so they cost very little to make. Bonus, they make awesome baby shower presents.
As you can see the black and white pair are a little big (I made the 12-18 months size) so I made another pair (the green/black pair) a size smaller. Once you've sewn the pattern once they whip up real quick.

Both these shoes were made from a 50% wool 50% polyester blend from Awesome blend if you ask me. 100% wool is a little scratchy and can't be washed but through in a little synthetic fiber in there and it's nice and soft and you can throw them in the wash (I tested it, because I wasn't sure).

Both pairs of shoes are listed in my etsy shop Zuzzy Design so that's why they are watermarked as Zuzzy Design not Crafting Zuzzy, you know, in case you were confused or something

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