Thursday, May 15, 2014

Geranium Dress Pattern Hack

The meant-to-be Easter Dress:
I say meant-to-be, because the dress was going to be Christine's Easter dress, but I didn't realize when I was packing for our last minute trip that I was going to be in Utah for Easter. So I only packed a dress for the funeral. Which, as you can imagine, was not very Easter-y. Luckily Christine has an awesome Grandma who took her shopping and bought her a purple sparkly Easter dress. Can you guess what dress she would rather wear? yup, purple sparkles. How can I compete with that? 

It's one of my favorite dresses I've ever made and I have yet to convince Christine to wear this one to church. 
So let's talk about how this dress came about, it started with the fabric. Sometimes I buy fabric because it's so pretty I must have it, even if I have no idea what I'll make from it. I ordered this beautiful Nani Iro Kokka Fuccra double gauze fabric for that reason. I had no plan of what to make from it, but I was ordering some other fabric from an Etsy shop and since I was already paying for shipping I might as well add this into my cart right? I only got 1/2 yard, because it's a little pricey. You know what? When it comes to fabric, I have never ever regretted buying too much yardage. I should have bit the bullet and bought a full yard. Oh well. When the fabric came I was a little surprised to learn that double gauze is crazy lightweight and thin. It's so soft and has a beautiful drape, not at all what I was expecting, but still completely wonderful.

I imaged making an Ice Cream Dress, but I didn't have the yardage for that. So I decided to take the Geranium pattern and edit it a little bit. First I wanted to add an invisible zipper, because I would much rather sew a zipper than buttons. To do this, I cut 1/2" off the side of the back piece to eliminate the button overlap.

Next, I wanted the curved front bodice like the ice cream dress. So I drew a curve on the Geranium bodice and I cut it off there. I used that piece for the bodice. I took the same amount off the back, but kept the back flat.

Then I used the bottom part I had cut off the bodice and added it to the skirt pattern piece. To account for the gathering I just "slashed and spread" and distributed it along the skirt piece.
Then I just followed the rest of the pattern instructions.

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