Friday, May 9, 2014

Rita Skinnies

Seriously? am I still blogging about what I sewed for KCW Winter? That was in February, and it's uh...May.
These skinny jeans have been in the clothing rotation constantly since I sewed them 3 months ago. They are a big hit.
For these pants I used the Lovely Rita Skinnies Pattern by Shwin Designs. I bought the pattern years ago when it is was one of the first blogger PDF patterns on the market. I totally should have sewn these up earlier. I will definitely be making more of these next Fall. I have no idea whether or not to recommend them to you or not because the pattern has been updated. The version I have is not very professional and the tutorial instructions were a little confusing, but I think I only paid $3 for it. I have no idea if the new and improved version is worth $9.
For the fabric, I cut up a pair of jeggings that I had bought myself last summer. I was in the awkward "post baby I can't fit into any of my old clothes and I don't want to spend any money on real clothes because I know in just a few months I will be back down to my normal size" stage so I bought four pairs of $8 jeggings from Walmart. I'm sure I looked pretty awesome in them.
Okay now I need to go mow the yard, because everyone just saw that I have 2 foot tall weeds in my backyard.

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