Saturday, July 26, 2014

KCW: Day 6 part 2

I did not snap any pictures of Jacob wearing his new PJ's. So you'll have to be happy with some on-the-wall shots for now. Next week I'll share some more photos because I have a free pattern and tutorial for these!! I'll share more about the pattern then. For now let's talk about the bears.

To make the bear print, I used the free dingbat font Farm & Wild Animals (the bear is lowercase m) and laid it out in my silhouette software, and cut it out on freezer paper. Then all I had to do was iron the freezer paper on the pattern piece and paint the bears in. I used a fabric medium mixed with black acrylic paint. For the shirt I used another free dingbat font KG Arrows.

If you've been following me this week you know that the fabric for these was leftover from an XL t-shirt after I made these leggings. Awesome!

And that's it for KCW Summer 2014! I think I was successful. 4 complete outfits for Christine and one pair of pjs for Jacob. Hooray for KCW!

KCW Day 6: part one

Hmmmm I think this white background is starting to get a little repetitive... except I don't want to go outside for a photoshoot. It's over 100 degrees out there! What's a blogging girl to do?
Today's outfit is actually one of my favorites. I thought the Puppet Show outfit was going to be. But this is SO Christine. I know she is going to wear it all the time (come on, it's purple! her favorite!) This outfit is so lightweight, it's perfect for the hot summer especially as we are starting to enter the triple digits.
The tank top is the same self drafted one from day 4 sans peplum. I cut it from an old t-shirt of mine. It was in good condition, and it's a cute print right?  so I just chopped it up.
The sporty shorts are from the latest issue of Ottobre. For fabric I used some light weight knit from some leggings I made a year ago. The fabric originally came from Walmart I think (I won't be buying any more knits from Walmart). Instead of binding I used fold over elastic. Which was a good decision in my opinion.

Just a few more hours of KCW sewing. Except I haven't done any sewing yet today. Hmmm probably should get on that. And I need to wrestle Jacob down to get him to model his new jammies. I'll be back this evening with my final KCW photos.

KCW Day 5

Yesterday was Day 5, but the hubby was on-call last night, which meant he came home at 5:30, his pager went off 15 minutes later and he had to go back in to the hospital, came back 2 hours later, pager went off several times and he headed back to the hospital. Which means I took the kids the entire day without a single break :( I was exhausted after I got the kids in bed, so I watched Project Runway and then went straight to bed. So I'm posting yesterday's pictures and progress this morning.
 Today we have the Oliver + S Puppet Show Blouse and Shorts.
Let's start with the blouse. I already mentioned that I hated all the hand sewing involved. Next time I will just take the sewing machine to it and be done with it already. I will also lower the neck line a bit, it's very close fitting. Though, I don't know if there will be a next time. It's not an everyday play shirt for sure. We'll just have to see how often we have occasion to wear the shirt.
Now don't get me wrong, I think the shirt is adorable. I just don't know if all the finishing details are worth the amount of time spent sewing verses how often the shirt will be worn. You know what I mean?

But the shorts!!!! I love these shorts. I am going to make several more pairs of these.
 The fabric for both of these came from Hancock Fabrics. Christine helped pick them out.
If you were wondering about the princess crown and wild hair, Christine is getting a little tired of daily photo shoots. She wasn't too excited about letting me take pictures until I told her she could wear her princess crown and sing frozen songs to me while I took the photos. Then she was in a good mood.
"let it go, let it gooooOOOO"

There will be more posts coming today as I finish up my KCW list

Thursday, July 24, 2014

KCW Day 4

Today is Thursday, and I think I might actually finish my KCW list! The sewing was a little slow today, because today was swimming day. We go to our neighborhood pool twice a week with our friends. You would think it would wear out the kids and they would both have great naps giving me lots of sewing time. In fact the opposite is true. Playing at the pool gives my kids super energy, and drains me. So I'm exhausted and the kids refused naps. Totally worth it to have a lit bit of adult conversation though. Today we chatted about expensive hair spray, Ulta, and Etsy. I totally need conversations like that in my life.
Today's outfit is the saved tank top and blue shorts. Let's talk about the shorts first.
The pattern is Elegance and Elephants's Bubble Shorts. The pattern is $9 which you guys know is a lot for me to spend on a pattern, but it comes with 2 different styles and I bought it on sale for "Flip that Pattern" last summer (except I never flipped the pattern!). I think it's totally worth the money. It's a great pattern.
I'm not 100% sure, but I think the blue is Kona cotton, and the inside of the waistband is from my scrap bin. THIS is the reason why I keep a basket full of scraps of my best fabric!
If you missed my earlier post, I made this tank top two weeks ago and I freezer painted a princess (Belle) on the bottom right-hand side of the shirt. Except as I was heat setting the paint with my iron I melted holes in fabric. Ooops!  I couldn't bare to toss the tank, so I chopped the bad part off and drafted a little flounce and sewed it on the bottom and hemmed it up. Done! Shirt saved!  Now we have a great tank top for summer.
To be honest, the proportions aren't perfect. I would prefer the peplum to be maybe two inches lower so it hits at her natural waist. But if it was, you would see Belle's head poking out of the seam, and that would be a little weird.
Today I painted the fabric for Jacob's pj's and they are SO DANG CUTE. I can't wait to finish them so I can share them with you! and I cut pieces for a pair of Spruce shorts for Jacob in a bicycle print. I did not watch Veronica Mars last night, which means no hand sewing happened, so that's what I'm off to go do next.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

KCW: Day 3

Today is day three of Kids Clothes Week! That means some pieces are starting to get finished and outfits are ready to be photographed! woohoo!
So let's break down the pieces. These leggings. Oh. I die. I'm so happy with how they turned out.  (I sell stretch lace leggings in my etsy shop, and man I am getting really fast at whipping up leggings!)
For the pattern I used the lollipop leggings and I added two rows of 1.5" ruffles.
For the fabric, I used a men's XL t-shirt from Walmart that I got for 3 bucks. I only used the front part of the shirt for the leggings and one sleeve for the ruffles. With so much leftover, I pulled out my pattern for Jacob's jammies (because that's what I originally bought the tee for) and lo and behold there was enough! So I'm adding a pair of grey pjs to my KCW list. I think I want to add a little freezer painting to jazz them up a little bit. So, $1.50 for a pair of leggings and 1.50 for a pair of pjs. Hmmm I think I need to go buy some more shirts.
Moving on... the tunic. As I mentioned before, this shirt technically doesn't count for KCW because it was sewn last week. But, it's part of the outfit and the leggings were made specifically for the tunic because Christine didn't have anything to wear with it. So I'm counting it.
The pattern is the Mae Tunic a free pattern from The Nest Creations. I adore the pleats on the back, but the width overwhelms Christine's petite figure. If I make the pattern again I will take out 2 pleats from the back (so about 4 inches). I cut a size 2 with a size 3 length, but I didn't need the extra length. I don't know if it bothers me enough to cut it down and re-hem it though.

The fabric is just remnants from past projects (Laguna stretch cotton Jersey from a bimma that I never posted about)
And that's outfit #1. Today was a really productive sewing day. I finished the yellow tank top. The peplum worked out great which I was really excited about, so I'll be sharing that tomorrow. And I finished the purple shorts too! I still have some hand sewing to do on the puppet show tunic, that I might do tonight while I watch Veronica Mars (I just finished season one! eek! what a great season finale. I wish I wasn't a decade behind so I could talk to people about it!)

See you tomorrow with more photos!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

KCW Summer 2014: The Plan

Today is day 2 of Kids Clothes Week. I'm a little rusty at blogging right now, so hopefully I can keep up this week! 

Last week I shared some patterns I was drooling over, but I ended up deciding not to purchase any new patterns. You see, I went to my sewing room to get everything all cleaned up and ready to for the sewing marathon and there was just so. much. fabric. So I decided for this KCW I was going to sew only from my fabric stash and existing patterns. My goal is to have 4 outfits for Christine by the end of the week.

Here's the line up:
(it's day sewing day #2 so lots of the pieces are in progress)
First, a simple tank top re-purposed from an old shirt of mine using a self drafted pattern, and a matching pair of athletic style shorts from some purple knit I had leftover from some leggings I made Christine a year ago. The shorts pattern is from Ottobre, modified to use fold over elastic (with shiny gold polka dots!) instead of binding.
This outfit was cut out for last KCW and set aside and forgotten about. The pattern is Oliver + S puppet show shorts and tunic. Why was it set aside? because the pattern is so dang fussy. I strongly dislike hand sewing, and there is a lot of hand sewing in that tunic. The shorts on the other hand came together in 30 minutes. I should have sewn these up months ago! I need to make 5 more pairs of these! Even though it looks like this outfit is finished, it's not. I still have to sew a few more button holes and buttons.
These shorts are the bubble shorts pattern by Elegance and Elephants. I bought the pattern forever ago when they were first released, and then I cut out the fabric last summer and never got around to sewing them. Which is tragic because they are ADORABLE! oh my gosh, they came together really quick. Another 30 minute project. The shirt is the same self drafted pattern as the first tank top, but in a yellow striped knit. I had actually made this one before KCW and painted on a picture of Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) and I melted the fabric as I was heat setting the paint with the iron. Ahhh! SO frusterating! But I was thinking that I might be able to salvage it by chopping off the part with burnt holes and adding a peplum to the bottom. So, we'll see if that works out. If not I might be sewing up a t-shirt from some grey and white striped knit instead.
So this top was sewn last week, so it technically doesn't count as a KCW project. I helped test the Mae Tunic for Kimberly at the Nest Creations. She's offering it as a free pattern on her blog here. It's an adorable tunic, but I need some capri leggings to go with it. So I am going to make some capri length leggings using my go-to legging pattern the Lollipop Leggings. The gray knit is actually a men's XL shirt I bought at walmart for $3. I had originally bought the shirt to make pjs for Jacob but Christine needs the pants more.

So there's the line-up. Think I can finish by Saturday?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Exciting news!

I have some super exciting news!!!! The Spruce Suspender Shorts is now available as a PDF pattern! Don't worry, I will always keep the original tutorial here on the blog, and the original pattern will remain a free download (I hate when bloggers remove their free patterns!) The pattern has been significantly improved in fit, and tested by a group of fabulous testers. The pattern has been digitally graded in sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, 12-18, and 18-24 months. The construction process has been slightly modified, and the suspender straps now feature a rounded front strap. If you have a baby who would look adorable in these shorts you can purchase the pattern here.

The pattern is listed as $6, but for all you fabulous blog readers the price is only $5 just use the coupon code BLOGREADER

Today is day one of Kids Clothes Week, so I will be back tonight with an update of my sewing :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Pattern Inspiration

Hello again. I disappeared there for a little while. My husband had several months of bad rotations at the hospital. We've been on survival mode for longer than I would like to admit. I've still been sewing away, but I just haven't had enough time to photograph and write about anything.

There are some really exciting bloggy events coming up, and I wanted to jump on the blogging bandwagon again. I'm sure you can guess what bloggy events I'm talking about, they are Shorts on the Line, and Kids Clothes Week!!!

So today let's talk about KCW: Summer Edition.  I'm still working on my plan. Should I sew some wardrobe staples? or fun dresses? Should I splurge on some new patterns and fabric or work through my stash? Maybe a little of everything? I need to buy at least one new pattern, right? But how to choose which one???? There are so many good ones I've been wanting lately. 

Here are a few on my wish list
Sweet Dreams Vintage Camisole and Bloomers Sleepwear Set by Rabbit Rabbit Creation
These summer jammies look so cute and comfy. I'm sure these would sew up really quick. I do worry though that any pjs I sew won't be able to compete with Princesses/Hello Kitty/Dora pajamas and won't be worn.
Humming Bird Dress by Rabbit Rabbit Creation I've seen this pattern sewn up a bunch recently. It's so sweet and simple.
Girly Capris by Little Lizard King Okay this isn't the best picture to show what I mean. See those capris on the very right? they also come in a shorts variation. I love the little bow knot. I would definitely have to sew a top to match them though.
This top perhaps? I'm totally on the fence when it comes to boutique style clothes. Sometimes I see the five layers of ruffles with ten different coordinating fabrics and I think WHYYYYY crazy people? but then sometimes I think it's absolutely adorable, but then I realize that it will only look cute if I iron it EVERY time it goes through the wash. Like I said, on the fence.
Classic Sundress by Tenderfeet Stitches I think I'm picking up on a theme of simple sundresses here. Simple, cool for summer.
Sadie Nightie by Peekaboo Patterns Look familiar? I totally didn't realize that these pjs look the exact same as the above sundress until I pulled the pictures into this post. Adorable, comfy, but again, can it compete with Cinderella pjs? hmmmm
Edelwiss Dress by Hey June I have wanted this pattern since it come out forever ago. I'm not sure what I've been waiting for.

Aegean Swim Cover by Hey June I've started going to our neighborhood pool with a few friends in my neighborhood twice a week with our kids. I think these towel coverups would be so useful, especially because the pattern comes with a boy version too, so I can made one for Christine and one for Jacob!

What do you think? What one(s) should I get for KCW Summer?