Wednesday, July 23, 2014

KCW: Day 3

Today is day three of Kids Clothes Week! That means some pieces are starting to get finished and outfits are ready to be photographed! woohoo!
So let's break down the pieces. These leggings. Oh. I die. I'm so happy with how they turned out.  (I sell stretch lace leggings in my etsy shop, and man I am getting really fast at whipping up leggings!)
For the pattern I used the lollipop leggings and I added two rows of 1.5" ruffles.
For the fabric, I used a men's XL t-shirt from Walmart that I got for 3 bucks. I only used the front part of the shirt for the leggings and one sleeve for the ruffles. With so much leftover, I pulled out my pattern for Jacob's jammies (because that's what I originally bought the tee for) and lo and behold there was enough! So I'm adding a pair of grey pjs to my KCW list. I think I want to add a little freezer painting to jazz them up a little bit. So, $1.50 for a pair of leggings and 1.50 for a pair of pjs. Hmmm I think I need to go buy some more shirts.
Moving on... the tunic. As I mentioned before, this shirt technically doesn't count for KCW because it was sewn last week. But, it's part of the outfit and the leggings were made specifically for the tunic because Christine didn't have anything to wear with it. So I'm counting it.
The pattern is the Mae Tunic a free pattern from The Nest Creations. I adore the pleats on the back, but the width overwhelms Christine's petite figure. If I make the pattern again I will take out 2 pleats from the back (so about 4 inches). I cut a size 2 with a size 3 length, but I didn't need the extra length. I don't know if it bothers me enough to cut it down and re-hem it though.

The fabric is just remnants from past projects (Laguna stretch cotton Jersey from a bimma that I never posted about)
And that's outfit #1. Today was a really productive sewing day. I finished the yellow tank top. The peplum worked out great which I was really excited about, so I'll be sharing that tomorrow. And I finished the purple shorts too! I still have some hand sewing to do on the puppet show tunic, that I might do tonight while I watch Veronica Mars (I just finished season one! eek! what a great season finale. I wish I wasn't a decade behind so I could talk to people about it!)

See you tomorrow with more photos!

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