Saturday, July 26, 2014

KCW Day 5

Yesterday was Day 5, but the hubby was on-call last night, which meant he came home at 5:30, his pager went off 15 minutes later and he had to go back in to the hospital, came back 2 hours later, pager went off several times and he headed back to the hospital. Which means I took the kids the entire day without a single break :( I was exhausted after I got the kids in bed, so I watched Project Runway and then went straight to bed. So I'm posting yesterday's pictures and progress this morning.
 Today we have the Oliver + S Puppet Show Blouse and Shorts.
Let's start with the blouse. I already mentioned that I hated all the hand sewing involved. Next time I will just take the sewing machine to it and be done with it already. I will also lower the neck line a bit, it's very close fitting. Though, I don't know if there will be a next time. It's not an everyday play shirt for sure. We'll just have to see how often we have occasion to wear the shirt.
Now don't get me wrong, I think the shirt is adorable. I just don't know if all the finishing details are worth the amount of time spent sewing verses how often the shirt will be worn. You know what I mean?

But the shorts!!!! I love these shorts. I am going to make several more pairs of these.
 The fabric for both of these came from Hancock Fabrics. Christine helped pick them out.
If you were wondering about the princess crown and wild hair, Christine is getting a little tired of daily photo shoots. She wasn't too excited about letting me take pictures until I told her she could wear her princess crown and sing frozen songs to me while I took the photos. Then she was in a good mood.
"let it go, let it gooooOOOO"

There will be more posts coming today as I finish up my KCW list

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