Saturday, July 26, 2014

KCW: Day 6 part 2

I did not snap any pictures of Jacob wearing his new PJ's. So you'll have to be happy with some on-the-wall shots for now. Next week I'll share some more photos because I have a free pattern and tutorial for these!! I'll share more about the pattern then. For now let's talk about the bears.

To make the bear print, I used the free dingbat font Farm & Wild Animals (the bear is lowercase m) and laid it out in my silhouette software, and cut it out on freezer paper. Then all I had to do was iron the freezer paper on the pattern piece and paint the bears in. I used a fabric medium mixed with black acrylic paint. For the shirt I used another free dingbat font KG Arrows.

If you've been following me this week you know that the fabric for these was leftover from an XL t-shirt after I made these leggings. Awesome!

And that's it for KCW Summer 2014! I think I was successful. 4 complete outfits for Christine and one pair of pjs for Jacob. Hooray for KCW!

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  1. Aw! I love this! The bears are so cute!! All of your outfits turned out great!