Saturday, July 26, 2014

KCW Day 6: part one

Hmmmm I think this white background is starting to get a little repetitive... except I don't want to go outside for a photoshoot. It's over 100 degrees out there! What's a blogging girl to do?
Today's outfit is actually one of my favorites. I thought the Puppet Show outfit was going to be. But this is SO Christine. I know she is going to wear it all the time (come on, it's purple! her favorite!) This outfit is so lightweight, it's perfect for the hot summer especially as we are starting to enter the triple digits.
The tank top is the same self drafted one from day 4 sans peplum. I cut it from an old t-shirt of mine. It was in good condition, and it's a cute print right?  so I just chopped it up.
The sporty shorts are from the latest issue of Ottobre. For fabric I used some light weight knit from some leggings I made a year ago. The fabric originally came from Walmart I think (I won't be buying any more knits from Walmart). Instead of binding I used fold over elastic. Which was a good decision in my opinion.

Just a few more hours of KCW sewing. Except I haven't done any sewing yet today. Hmmm probably should get on that. And I need to wrestle Jacob down to get him to model his new jammies. I'll be back this evening with my final KCW photos.

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