Tuesday, July 22, 2014

KCW Summer 2014: The Plan

Today is day 2 of Kids Clothes Week. I'm a little rusty at blogging right now, so hopefully I can keep up this week! 

Last week I shared some patterns I was drooling over, but I ended up deciding not to purchase any new patterns. You see, I went to my sewing room to get everything all cleaned up and ready to for the sewing marathon and there was just so. much. fabric. So I decided for this KCW I was going to sew only from my fabric stash and existing patterns. My goal is to have 4 outfits for Christine by the end of the week.

Here's the line up:
(it's day sewing day #2 so lots of the pieces are in progress)
First, a simple tank top re-purposed from an old shirt of mine using a self drafted pattern, and a matching pair of athletic style shorts from some purple knit I had leftover from some leggings I made Christine a year ago. The shorts pattern is from Ottobre, modified to use fold over elastic (with shiny gold polka dots!) instead of binding.
This outfit was cut out for last KCW and set aside and forgotten about. The pattern is Oliver + S puppet show shorts and tunic. Why was it set aside? because the pattern is so dang fussy. I strongly dislike hand sewing, and there is a lot of hand sewing in that tunic. The shorts on the other hand came together in 30 minutes. I should have sewn these up months ago! I need to make 5 more pairs of these! Even though it looks like this outfit is finished, it's not. I still have to sew a few more button holes and buttons.
These shorts are the bubble shorts pattern by Elegance and Elephants. I bought the pattern forever ago when they were first released, and then I cut out the fabric last summer and never got around to sewing them. Which is tragic because they are ADORABLE! oh my gosh, they came together really quick. Another 30 minute project. The shirt is the same self drafted pattern as the first tank top, but in a yellow striped knit. I had actually made this one before KCW and painted on a picture of Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) and I melted the fabric as I was heat setting the paint with the iron. Ahhh! SO frusterating! But I was thinking that I might be able to salvage it by chopping off the part with burnt holes and adding a peplum to the bottom. So, we'll see if that works out. If not I might be sewing up a t-shirt from some grey and white striped knit instead.
So this top was sewn last week, so it technically doesn't count as a KCW project. I helped test the Mae Tunic for Kimberly at the Nest Creations. She's offering it as a free pattern on her blog here. It's an adorable tunic, but I need some capri leggings to go with it. So I am going to make some capri length leggings using my go-to legging pattern the Lollipop Leggings. The gray knit is actually a men's XL shirt I bought at walmart for $3. I had originally bought the shirt to make pjs for Jacob but Christine needs the pants more.

So there's the line-up. Think I can finish by Saturday?

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